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Comment from: Sid Schwartz [Visitor]
A teaser?... How do you mark your golf ball? I forgot the difference between yellow and red stakes. (Haven't played golf in almost a month; miss it, how does one play it)?
08/15/13 @ 18:04
Comment from: Mike [Member] Email
Well, Sid... that's why you have to get the book :) But here are your answers: You generally put a coin or round object behind the ball, but you can actually put your mark pretty much anywhere as long as you replace your ball back in the same relative spot from where you removed it (Yes, you can place the mark in front of the ball, but then you can't put the ball in front of the mark, e.g) ... The short answer to the difference between red and yellow hazard stakes is that with yellow you only have three options: replay the shot; keep the point where it entered the hazard between you and the hole and drop behind behind that point or play the shot out of the hazard without grounding (touching the hazard) your club. Red adds two more options: Drop within two club lengths of where it went in the hazard, no closer to the hole; or drop on the other size of the hazard the same distance from the hole. In every case accept playing it out of the hazard, you incur a one-stroke penalty.
08/17/13 @ 12:29

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