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Troon: Michael Jordan can play golf in cargo shorts at our courses

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The last thing the golf industry needs to do is drive more people away from the game by telling them how to dress, but there do need to be guidelines, of course. This issue recently came to light with someone you would think would know better, consideri… more »

Anchoring the putter isn't cheating; USGA, R&A ruling does nothing to improve golf

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When the USGA and R&A made their announcement yesterday essentially banning anchored putting (Rule 14-1b), I wasn't planning to comment on it since it really doesn't affect me. I say that because I'm not currently using a long putter, though I have… more »

Want a GPS for golf? All you need is a smartphone and GolfLogix

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HOUSTON -- Golf is complicated enough without having to fool with gadgets while you're on the course. So when it comes to distance-measuring equipment I've always felt that the simpler, the better. Perhaps that's why I have been slow to try out GolfL… more »

Perfect Thanksgiving starts with golf and a Texans' victory

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Palm Beach Par 3 (Mike Bailey) Here's how I see the perfect Thanksgiving for those of us lucky enough to live in a warm climate: Get up early, have a light breakfast, play nine holes of golf (or maybe 18 if you can squeeze it in), watch some footba… more »

Good time to party in Las Vegas with MGM, Walters Golf

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In case you haven't heard, this is the perfect time of year to check out Las Vegas, whether you want to play golf, have a good time or both. So if you're looking for a package, you might want to check the latest from Walters Golf and MGM Grand. Start… more »

Tee it forward? Tee it up wherever you want

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MIAMI -- When golf's governing bodies introduced the Tee it Forward program a couple of years ago, it took me a little while to warm up to it. My initial thought was I could hit it sideways from any tee, so I wasn't sure how moving up would help me enjo… more »

Original golf course at PGA National gets makeover by Fazio -- Tom II, that is

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While the Champion Course at PGA National Resort & Spa gets most of the recognition -- and deservedly so -- there are four other golf courses at this South Florida resort that are worthwhile plays, too. And the original course there, the Haig Course… more »