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Comment from: Jim Proctor [Visitor]
Baseball Golf
Baseball Golf was developed for those who enjoy both the ebb and flow of the game of baseball and the thrill of hitting good golf shots. Basically, BG is played as a modified scramble between two 2-man teams. Shots are hit as they would be in any round of golf, but the scoring, and the ability to score is baseball oriented.
Teams: Two 2-man teams, one designated home, the other the away team. Each team is at bat and playing the field 9 times during the round of 18 holes. The home team plays the field on the first hole while the away team is at bat on the first hole. The home team is at bat on the second hole while the away team is in the field. This continues over the 18-hole round, so there are 9 innings in which each team is at bat and playing defense. Note: baseball Golf can also be played between two single players without the scramble rules.
Scoring: Best ball rules apply. If one member of a team scores a 3 and the other member scores a 4, the lowest score (3) is recorded. Handicaps can apply.
As in baseball, only the team at bat can score. The team playing the field can only prevent the at-bat team from scoring. So, if the team playing the field scores lower or equal to the at-bat team, they will have successfully prevented the at-bat team from scoring. However, if the at-bat team scores a lower team score than the team playing the field, they will have scored at least one run. If the at bat team score is one stroke lower than the team playing the field, they receive one run. Two strokes lower receives two runs, and so on. The team with the most runs at the end of 18 holes wins.
Fair and Foul Balls: A ball is considered to be fair when an at-bat team member lands his tee shot either in the fairway of a par 5 or par 4 hole, or on the green on a par 3. A ball is considered foul when it misses. If either of the at-bat team members hits a fair ball, the hole can be played as a scramble, meaning they both team members can play from what they consider to be the most strategic position for that hole. However, if both at-bat team members hit foul balls, they must play from their own positions until they both hole-out.
This rule gives the at-bat team a scoring advantage since the team playing defense has to play their own shots through the hole. That means that if the first at-bat player misses the fairway or the green from the tee, the second play must produce a fair ball to keep the team in decent scoring position.
Have fun.
02/28/12 @ 13:09

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