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Comment from: Ted Eleftheriou, PGA [Visitor] Email
Absolutely! These two instructors are top notch. Mr Griffin's studies and contribution to golf instruction has been monumental. Someone I look up to and admire.

However, not fair to golf pros... and in my situation... an independent PGA Teaching Professional. I may not have the facilities... or the most current (Translated: expensive) technology... However... I give a great product and service to my students... and they do see results. I have testimonials upon testimonials to verify that statement.

I study the game because I want to offer my students the best... and while I am all in favor of technology... how much of it is used once the student leaves the lesson tee? I've taken many lessons from top instructors... I have handouts of bio-mechanical references to my swing, DVDs with lines showing me my plane and where I should be (26 degree launch angle while the ideal is 27 degree... hmmm), and stats that compare me to Tour players. However, when I get to the practice tee... I don't bring my DVD player with me to watch while I'm practicing and the stats, charts, and handouts rarely give me feedback when I'm practicing (I think that was 27 degrees?).

I do use video and minimal training aids... because in the real world, I don't see many students using the many training aids that they purchase on the practice tee... I mean who wants to look silly hitting balls with straps, contraptions, and various equipment strapped on them? I offer golf drills to my students that enable them to see and feel the results.

I would be more than happy to offer you a complimentary lesson at the facility I teach at in the west Orlando area. My motto is: "Good instructors don't create students... they create golfers." Perhaps I may convince you that even without all of the latest technology there are those of us that offer a great product without the student having to "win the lottery" to experience improvement and enjoyment from this great game.

Sorry... I think my comment might have more words than your article! :)

Thank you for the great article and good golfing to you!
12/03/09 @ 21:15
Comment from: Mike Bailey [Visitor] Email
Thanks for the great comments, Ted, and by all means, this wasn't meant as an indictment of club pros who teach or of those who don't use the latest technology. As a former editor for PGA Magazine, and an instruction editor at that, I have met and worked with many terrific teachers from all different backgrounds. My main point in the post is that at these two teaching facilities, it's all about teaching, and they do it extremely well. And while I have no doubt you are a fine teacher yourself, and perhaps as good as anyone, there are some golf instructors who either a) don't really have the expertise or b) don't have the time or dedication they need to devote to top-notch instruction. And in the end, it's their students who often get disillusioned by the profession. My advice, I guess, to golfers looking to improve is not to give up; there are lots of great teachers out there. You just have to do a little research and perhaps invest a little bit of money and time into it.
12/03/09 @ 22:05
Comment from: Golfreisen [Visitor] Email
yeah, there are no students using the many training aids that they purchase on the practice tee.
12/06/09 @ 07:38
Comment from: Lou Ser [Visitor] Email
I won?t bore you with the details, but after a few simple adjustments (which seemed drastic to me), my consistency, swing path, ball trajectory and ?smash factor? improved dramatically. It didn?t take long.
01/04/10 @ 13:52

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