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Comment from: Judge Smails [Visitor] Email
Sorry, Mike, but Mickelson did choke this one away, as he always does. Remember, he missed numerous short putts, which, of course, he has a history of doing.

I do agree, however, that the Open was most entertaining. And anyone who didn't find it so just doesn't appreciate golf. There's a difference between golf fans and Woods groupies.
06/23/09 @ 09:37
Comment from: Bobby [Visitor]
Completely agree with the rest. Mick did let this opportunity pass him by, "as usual". & don't give me this distraction bit like NBC kept doing. Mick is a pro who should live in the moment. When you are playing a sport your mind is on it, you don't think of anything else. Only after when it has been completed do you reflect.

After years of being a pro you come up short on the 17th. NEVER should of happened. & those par puts as well.

Mick dazzles us with his brilliance & then lets us down with his closing instinct. That is why Tiger is #1 & then there is the rest of "the field". He finishes when he is in those situations.

You age fast when you cheer for Mick!!
06/23/09 @ 15:45
Comment from: Dennis Collet [Visitor] Email
Well, it's nice to see the golfing "rocket scientists" are alive and commenting with their heads stuffed somewhere we won't go.... Are all golf fans as dense as the comments so far here. I would suggest that Phil has proven over the years that his family comes first and golf sits somewhere down the line, (as it should). He just might have been a tad distracted with his wife waiting for him to come back to the family and a short vacation before Amy starts her treatment for breast cancer???? I think you guys must be spending far too much time in the hot sun, fudging your golf scores, to see the forest for the trees. The suggestion that he should have been "living in the moment" is more than absurd and shows a total lack of any kind of human compassion. This was not just another "Major" for this fine man, it must have been pure agony to get up each morning and head out to the golf course. To Mr. Mickelson I say "our thoughts and prayers are with you, your wife and your family" and for the commentors here so far, "forgive them for they know not what they do"..
06/25/09 @ 04:06

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