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Comment from: Joe Cool [Visitor] Email
It looks like Michelle is still having trouble with those nasty little five foot putts. Hopefully she will get that monkey off her back during the next two days. With her length I hope she becomes more aggressive with the par five holes. Laying up on 490 yard par fives does not make the champion golfer. Of course, there is always those last six holes for her to think about.
12/05/08 @ 22:39
Comment from: Joe Cool [Visitor] Email
What people have forgotten about the Sony Open where Michelle missed the cut by one stroke, was the fact that some unknown shot a career low 62 during the first round and 67 the second round which took the cut line to -5. The last two rounds the guy didn't break par.
12/05/08 @ 22:45
Comment from: Visitor [Visitor]
Michelle, repeat after me: Listen to Leadbetter, listen to Leadbetter...
12/06/08 @ 03:39
Comment from: JR [Visitor]
Folks...just remember that MW is just one of many talented golfers trying to get her card. Please don't try and make MW the worlds greatest golfer again until she wins atleast a few LPGA events.
12/06/08 @ 08:46
Comment from: tacitus [Visitor] Email
Sorenstam didn't win a major until she was in her mid-20s. Wie has plenty of time.
12/06/08 @ 18:31
Comment from: Jim C [Visitor] Email
Wie was 14 years 3 months and a few days when she played in the January 2004 Sony--not 15.
12/06/08 @ 22:48
Comment from: Mike Bailey [Visitor] Email
My bad; 14 is her correct age -- her birthday isn't until October. Her being 14 makes what she did at the Sony even more remarkable.
12/06/08 @ 23:31
Comment from: JR [Visitor]
tacitus.... don't you think it is a bit early to try and compare MW to Annika Sorenstam??? Why don't you let MW play a few years and then use those results for your projections...
12/07/08 @ 09:08
Comment from: Judge Smails [Visitor] Email
It's amazing how the Wiebots have come down to Earth. At one time the Bubbles was a lock to be an authentic competitor on the PGA Tour, and now she is congratulated for a seventh-place finish at LPGA Tour School. Well, the truth will out.

I've told you this before, but Bubbles will never live up to her potential, which, admittedly, is impressive. Her problem is between the ears, and there's a very good chance she'll end up being the Davis Love of the women's tour.
12/08/08 @ 11:04
Comment from: Dave [Visitor] Email
Davis Love?! No, he's won 20 PGA Tour events, including a major. Underachiever or not, Love has had a good career. Anna Kournikova comes to mind as a much better comparison.
12/08/08 @ 14:31
Comment from: Judge Smails [Visitor] Email
Perhaps, Dave, perhaps. It wouldn't surprise me. My only point is that even if she does end up like Love, she will have fallen far short of the grand expectations people had for her a few years ago. She also will have failed to live up to her physical potential by a wide margin.

12/08/08 @ 22:47
Comment from: Dave [Visitor] Email
Indeed. She has ALREADY wasted a lot of her talent.
12/10/08 @ 09:51
Comment from: Alex [Visitor] Email
Judge and Dave,

While many of the Wiebots have come down to Earth, and are merely optimistic concerning Bubbles' chances, Wie-wee Ray Jeske is not one of them.

No, Ray perceives Bubbles' monumental T7th finish in a tournament of no-names and nobodies as an achievement for the ages, one which assures her entry into the Hall of Fame in ten years, the minimum number needed to enter the Hall of Fame.

Future Wiebot posters will have difficulty topping that bit of fantasy.

Alex USMC 1969-73
12/13/08 @ 09:15
Comment from: Julissa [Visitor] Email
Me too hope for the same that this year would be a break-out of course...

01/10/09 @ 03:03

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