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Comment from: Judge Smails [Visitor] Email
One word: Careerism. The bane of the modern woman. You ought to contemplate what's truly important in life.
12/27/07 @ 16:16
Comment from: Shanks [Member] Email
Helping people like myself enjoy life more fully by improving in this maddening game is a noble quest indeed. Although some people are incapable of understanding how anyone - much less a woman - can be fulfilled in taking this path, I'm sure you are proud & satisfied. God bless the teachers of this world.
12/28/07 @ 08:02
Comment from: Ron Mon [Member] Email
While I appreciate the Judge's eternal candor, I line up somewhere between him and Sugar Shanks in complimenting you for your life choices. You're on your way, and we are glad to write at your side.
12/28/07 @ 12:28
Comment from: Wendy (UK) [Visitor]
But Judge - Karen appears to have already decided - a wonderful partner and golf. What's truly important in your life? That's not a snide question by the way.
12/28/07 @ 14:25
Comment from: patricia [Visitor] Email
Karen, Happy Anniversary and Happy New Year to you and Dan. Your talent and dedication to each other has allowed you to make enviable choices. All the best for 2008!
01/01/08 @ 15:33

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