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Comment from: joe cool [Visitor] Email
The National Inquirer?...oh yes, that is the publication that prints two headed aliens walk among us and a T-Rex was spotted walking down Broadway...confirmed by anonymous sources. Scumbags all of them! It seems that the waitress is tired of living in her one room apartment and craves her fifteen minutes of fame. This situation has happened many times in the past and will happen many times in the future.
12/02/09 @ 18:57
Comment from: John D [Visitor]
Tigger only hit a tree and a hydrant. IF he would have also hit a stop sign and a pedestrian, that would have been the BIG 4 AND Tigger would have his FIRST Grand Slam.
12/02/09 @ 21:17
Comment from: PuttingDoctor [Visitor] Email
Well said Joel, the lime light is a blinding light and even with the best of restraint it is hard to resist the offers that literally fall into your lap daily when you are at the top.

The phrase, "it's lonely at the top" has never rang truer than for Tiger.

It is sad but true that temptation will eventually win out even over the toughest of our so called heros.
12/03/09 @ 17:06
Comment from: Joe [Visitor]
I always knew Tiger was a low-life piece of trash.
12/03/09 @ 18:58
Comment from: John D [Visitor]
A possible future O.J.????
12/04/09 @ 08:56
Comment from: Veracity [Visitor]
Mr. Zuckerman, Your article, like so many I have read, begins with Tiger's success and wealth. Suggesting his restraint was overcome by the temptation is not reality based is it? I keep waiting for someone to use their common sense! Doesn't it all boil down to WHY WAS TIGER WOODS AT BARS AND CLUBS? HE'S MARRIED! If he was home with his wife and children instead of bar-hopping he could not have been tempted by these "nubile hotties" as you assert, right? More importantly, the accounts provided by these "hotties" seem to show the women were working, Tiger showed up where these women worked, hand picked and used friends or associates to get the women to join him in his VIP rooms and in two cases, his own HOMES! I hoped someone with GOLF would clarify none of these women (or at least none so far) were hanging out at the clubhouse doors, they weren't working in his home or his business, they were not associated with his industry at all when their paths crossed were they? I have zero understanding WHY these women behaved so shamefully but I am growing so weary of Tiger's success being used to rationalize or excuse his conduct. Didn't Tiger USE his SUCCESS to purposefully troll for sex partners other than his wife instead of using his success and HIS TIME to better his family, his foundation, his career, his industry, his community,... (I could list so many other places he could have been other than trolling in bars/clubs). The only question I see that is valid IF one is determined to use his success is Did success corrupt Tiger Woods? Maybe Tiger Woods is able to hit a tiny ball better than just about anyone right now, and he has obtained great wealth but most of his wealth and notoriety were made by him carefully selling a crafted image/persona that was FAKE. Sadly and scary Tiger Woods may actually have sold the persona to his future wife! Mr. Jasper Parnevik who introduced Elin to her future husband is quoted as saying, "we thought he was a different guy". Feels wrong to me to allow Tiger to stay on that success pedestal, ignore his movements and conduct, and say temptation got the better of him!
12/09/09 @ 06:55
Comment from: Joel Zuckerman [Visitor] Email
Actually, Tommy--his new middle name is "Cheetah." His new first name is "Lion."
12/09/09 @ 19:30

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