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Wobbly Wachovia

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I've had every nickel in the Wachovia Bank since they gave me a free toaster some eleven years ago when i opened my first account, and times are looking tough. It's not enough that their one-year stock chart resemble a ski slope. But now the world's bes… more »

Harbour Town's a challenge--and so is my latest quiz question!

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The Tour has moved over to beautiful Harbour Town Golf Links on Hilton Head Island—a welcome, mellow respite after the crucible of Augusta. Pete Dye’s Lowcountry classic will test the shot-making skills of the world’s finest players this week, and… more »

Masters Minutia--If you haven't been there, you won't know it

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Spectacle though it is on television, The Masters is an event that should be experienced in person, though tickets (badges, actually) are almost as hard to come by as a date with Catherine Zeta-Jones. If you’ve never been, the wonders of Augusta Natio… more »

Tiger's as much of a lock for The Masters as was Memphis

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I admire and root for Tiger Woods as much as anybody, despite the fact he brushed off my photo request at the Golf Writer's Annual Dinner the year after he won his first Masters. But despite his recent otherworldly play, he's as much of a lock for this… more »

Enjoy the Masters with a brand-new pair of free shades!

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In honor of the best week on the annual golf calendar, we’ll briefly turn the spotlight off Pete Dye, and instead focus on The Masters. Regrettably, there wasn’t a single correct answer in last week’s contest, though there were dozens of entries.… more »