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It's up to European PGA Tour to reach out to eastern Bloc

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A few months ago, I was in Montreal, covering the Presidents Cup. During one of the press conferences - if memory serves, it was to the end of the event - Gary Player launched on a mini-tirade about the need to bring golf to more countries. He said, u… more »

Michael Campbell gives back to New Zealand

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Go on, admit it, I know you've been wondering where former U.S. Open Champ Michael Campbell has been up to all these years after his victory in 2005. Well, he hasn't been doing much, but it seems that he's still the marquee draw for the The Michael Hi… more »

Note to Myrtle Beach starters: Enough already with the pre-round lectures

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MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. - Golf is a relatively straight forward game, not difficult to comprehend even at its most arcane. And even the best golf courses in the world have more in common with the rank-and-file than not. Fundamentally, if you've been on one go… more »

Is Chris Baldwin serious about Justin Timberlake?

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I'll say this at the outset: I often agree with much that's Chris Baldwin has to say. Not everything, but a lot. More often than not, Baldwin is spot on with his takes on the game, and I usually admire his willingness to take unpopular pos… more »

Should a golf course's 18th be hard or easy?

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NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. - Should an 18th hole be hard or easy? Should it let you down softly into the clubhouse and give you a jolt of confidence (all the more important after a tough round)? Or should it make you work to get home. A hammock hole (just… more »

Performances in PGA Tour majors hurt Ernie Els, helped Justin Rose

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Justin Rose was recently crowned the European PGA Tour's Player of the Year, winning the coveted Order of Merit and simultaneously snapping most of our attention away from what were other, more marquee Euro tour golfers that seemed to be having a hell of… more »