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Comment from: Jim [Visitor] Email
Phil Mickelson said in a press conference at the PGA that he recommended putting the $10 mill in cash by the 18th greeen like they do in the World Series of Poker. Certainliy would add some excitement.
2007-08-22 @ 11:55
Comment from: Kiel Christianson [Visitor] Email
I'm surprised they don't pay in FedEx
shipping coupons.

"Free Overnight Delivery for Life"
has quite a ring to it, no?
2007-08-22 @ 12:40
Comment from: jaypee [Visitor] Email
Who cares about the Fed-Ex Cup anyway ?
2007-08-22 @ 13:19
Comment from: Kiel Christianson [Visitor] Email
jaypee: No one, it appears.
2007-08-22 @ 16:39
Comment from: 2under [Visitor] Email
You guys all miss the point.

1. When you are rich, you can never have enough. So to some extent, whether these guys admit it or not, money is important to them. Especially when it is in a fund that can be bequeathed to family.

2. Post PGA, you guys are still talking about golf. So the FedEx Cup has already served its purpose. Much of the top 10 is competing this week, whereas last year most, if not all of them, wouldn't be. Particularly the Europeans.

3. The FedEx Cup makes the post PGA season viable, which, in turn, guarantees that sponsorship will continue for many of these tournaments.

4. It spares us the boredom of following the "who's inside the top 125" discussion each and every week.

5. If Tiger is going to do it, others want to compete. Everyone wants to have their name first on the trophy, particularly if this thing pans out to be something big.

As an aside, everyone seems to be getting on Tiger for not showing up. So I ask you, when was the last time you have seen him compete for tournaments in a row?

I think he has designs on winning this thing. He took a little time to get his head together so he can make a concerted effort. I can't fault him for that. Plus, by him staying out the first week, he has built some drama into the tournaments to follow. He gave them a little head start, a handicap, of sorts. So save the criticism for a while, and let's see how this thing plays out...
2007-08-23 @ 09:35
Comment from: Shanks [Member] Email
2Under just saved me having to write a blog about this. I agree with him 100%.
2007-08-23 @ 09:42
Comment from: Brandon [Member] Email
And for that, I guess we can all thank 2Under.
2007-08-23 @ 10:41
Comment from: Kiel Christianson [Visitor] Email
2Under: Your point #2 is hollow. We're golf writers. We'd be writing about golf in any case, all year. That's our job.

The other points are simply re-hashed from Finchem
press conferences. And they don't appear strong enough
to garner much support from anyone, including the players themselves. We'll see about late-season sponsors with time and experience.
2007-08-23 @ 13:59
Comment from: 2under [Visitor] Email

You'd be manufacturing BS, just like you always do. At least there is some interesting golf to watch, and therefore, at least affords you the oppt'y to write something worthy of reading. And Kiel, much of what I have read from your blog during the HEART of the golf season is tangential. So you may refute the point, but the proof is in the pudding, so to speak.

Kiel, you may not be convinced personally, but the players showed up. Phil, Vijay, Ernie... You say the Cup hasn't garnered support from anyone. If they didn't support it, they wouldn't be there. If it wasn't for the FedEx Cup, Phil would be at home, eating and pro-creating.

And I don't think Tim Finchem spoke to point #1,#4 or #5. You may want to do a little fact checking on that one So let's be a little more accurate with your rebuttal.

And as for your last point, I believe I did state that time will tell as to how viable this FedEx Cup will be. I think it is quite presumptive to write this thing off so early, as you have.

2007-08-23 @ 18:13
Comment from: 2under [Visitor] Email
...by the way, that "Watermelon Fizz" blog was REALLY som hard-hitting golf journalism...

Couldn't find anything more exciting to write about between the Open Championship and the PGA?

...I'm sorry, what was that you were saying about "we'd be writing about golf anyway. It's our job."?
2007-08-23 @ 18:17
Comment from: Kiel Christianson [Visitor] Email
My, aren't we snarky, 2under?
Johnny Miller writes about how to pack for a golf trip.
David Feherty writes about his dog.
There are PLENTY of people rehashing last week's tourney.
I don't need to be one of them every week (heck,
any week).
Golf is more than what the pros on the PGA Tour do.
It's a way of life to some of us.
2007-08-23 @ 20:11
Comment from: Kiel Christianson [Visitor] Email
Oh, and by the way, my blog is intended to be tangential.
I've got around 700 serious articles about golf under my belt:


To me, a blog is nothing more than an opinion piece, unless it is stated otherwise as a well-researched article.
Watermelon Fizzes for the house!
2007-08-23 @ 20:16
Comment from: Shanks [Member] Email
I'm just glad you didn't say "shanky". But on point No. 2 I have to say I glossed over that one. You KNOW I opine about golf all year long, even the so-called "silly season". I'd rather call it the fun season. So what if it's not 72 hole stroke play events.
2007-08-24 @ 10:45
Comment from: Marmac33 [Visitor] Email
It would seem you all just answered your own question about how sigificant the FedEx Cup is...within 3 posts you were ignoring the golf and sniping at each other...I think that sums up the FedEx Cup quite well, it's interesting if there is absolutely nothing else going on in the world..the PGA Tour had better hope that it's not up against the Rock, Paper, Scissors Championship, or some type of contest where people consume too much food in too short a time.
2007-08-25 @ 17:22
Comment from: Brandon [Member] Email
Kudos for Marmac (to a point). He touches on the fundamental problem with blogs: They don't mean anything, and, as he/she points out, if you need evidence look no further than the fact that pretty much all of these comments aren't about, well, anything. Before we could scream into a gale force wind. Now we have blogs. Comes to the same end.

And Kiel, golf is a "way of life"? Are you kidding? How exactly would you describe that way of life? Blog about it, please.
2007-08-25 @ 19:56
Comment from: Oliver Sudden [Visitor] Email
What if ...
Dear Mr. Finchem :
I've thought this over and discussed it with my advisors and family and we've decided that with the new baby and the year I've had that I am not going to play in any more tour events this year.
Best Regards,
Tiger Woods
2007-08-26 @ 18:20
Comment from: 2under [Visitor] Email

It wouldn't matter what the point is, we are always sniping at each other. That is one of the major points of a blog.

Sorry, your point doesn't hold water.

2007-08-27 @ 09:14
Comment from: Marmac33 [Visitor] Email

It seems to me that by disputing my point you've actually proven it to be true. Despite the fact that the first round of the FedEx Cup was completed just yesterday, the only thing you're thinking about is defending the same off topic posts I originally referenced...it's hard to believe you couldn't come up with at least one thing to say about the golf. It would seem the "water in my point" is well held indeed. However, your idea about the "major points of a blog" seems a little leaky to me...there are a lot of bloggers out there fully capable of discussing an actual topic, so your sweeping statement seems a bit ludicrous.

Now as to the FedEx Cup, congrats to Steve Stricker, 2 more wins and he'll have 10 million dollars to celebrate his 40th birthday with!
2007-08-27 @ 19:57
Comment from: 2under [Visitor] Email


It may seem to you, but who knows what swirls around in that head of yours.

At some point, just about every blog contains sidebar.
This one is no different.

I refuted a point. That doesn't change the point that the FedEx merits some respect.

So say what you will, but your point is still well off the mark. There is plenty to discuss about the golf. And if you would like to discuss, I will. But somehow, I think you have some other silly agenda in mind...

2007-08-27 @ 20:24
Comment from: Marmac33 [Visitor] Email

I definitely look forward to your thoughts on the golf...I also hope you can back up a sand wedge from 80 yards the way you backed up on your comments about the chief purpose of a blog...lol

Also, at no point did I ever say that the FedEx Cup doesn't merit respect. The point of my original blog was that the whole concept has failed to attract any major attention because the concept has some flaws that hopefully the tour will resolve in future seasons. It seems to me that when something is so complicated that even the players involved can't understand it, then the fans will have a hard time getting on board. That being said, I give kudo's to the competitors in every Tour event wherever in the world it occurs. They are out there based on their own individual talent, and that certainly deserves respect.
2007-08-27 @ 20:31
Comment from: 2under [Visitor] Email

OK - Let's discuss your point, then.

I do believe the FedEx has garnered attention, more so than would have occurred had the Cup not been in place. Is it ever going to be like Augusta, or a major championship? I personally don't think so. But I do believe there was drama there. And I would venture a guess that the folks at CBS would say viewership is up compared to a post-PGA tournament from last season.

The last few tournaments will have competitive fields as strong as any major. The players are showing up, aren't they? So to say the players aren't behind it is a fallacy. And when Rich Beem gets antsy in competition, you know it is serious. Think he wasn't "on board"?

And as far as your point about the points system being complicated, I will reinforce my earlier point. It is far less complicated than the BCS rankings, yet college football generates more interest than just about any other sport in America. In fact, I think some would argue the mystery of the ranking system itself generates drama. So as far as the fans go, your point doesn't hold water. Fans will get behind it if the competition is keen.

So Marmac, laugh as you will. I can back it up, and I am not just referencing my wedge game. If you'd like to discuss something else, I'd be happy to do that, just like I would on any other blog...
2007-08-28 @ 09:27
Comment from: 2under [Visitor] Email
Still think point #2 is hollow?
2007-09-03 @ 19:12

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