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Comment from: Padraid Kelly [Visitor] Email
He's 2 over now ;
A swing of 7 strokes since you blog on.
Please do not root for him.
He does not need your support.
The Lion Man will roar !!!
2007-07-19 @ 12:20
Comment from: Padraig Kelly [Visitor] Email
That's Padraig not Padraid...

Go Big John !!!

By the way Daly's no laughing stock.
No one's perfect.
Daly takes care of his family and friends
as well as charities and fans.
Also Daly has 2 restaurants ,clothing line,
a wine collection and much more...
No laughing stock in my irish eyes...
2007-07-19 @ 12:27
Comment from: Sigmond [Visitor] Email
Pretty arrogant article. Are you always this arrogant or just sometimes?
2008-07-09 @ 21:43

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