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Comment from: kimo [Visitor]
Just when I was beginning to think the day would be determined by who made the worst mistakes, MW tanks a long one. Se Ri begins to tanks hers. Then oops--the yips to the Playoff. And what a play off.

Se Ri's win was incredible. A clunker off the tee. I don't think that was planned. Then the shot to inches from the pin.

Yes, it was exciting--just like the Kraft -Nabisco. I can't wait for the US Women's Open and the British Women's Open.

Take care.

06/12/06 @ 03:23
Comment from: robert chrystall [Visitor]
The Ladies pga is indeed wonderful viewing but the mesn PGA tour events including the maters have such CRAP coverage, I ran my stop watch during thr John deere classic and over 2 hours , there was onyl 23 minutes of actual golf televised. During tennis coverage , say flushing meadows , veiwers see ALL the play but alas at us pga golf viewers see almost no golf, I dont bother now and even the highlights are crap , all score boards trees water blimp ryder cup everything but golfers making swings. Ive wrtten heaps of letters but never a reply. AND you say , well u cant change anything ? bUT the British open is televised SOO bloody marvelously , ITS ALL golf all golfers making golf swings , golf u know golf ?? so i only watch euro tour golf , THE americans cant do anything right.
i have tried to get BILL Macatees email so i can relate this imminent disaster to him VERY soon there will be no viewers
08/09/06 @ 05:55

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