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Comment from: Alex [Visitor]
Ian, I saw quite a bit of Bubba Saturday at the Memorial. His driving was stupendous, but the rest of his game needs work. He consistently outdrove his two playing partners by 30 to 60 yards. On 13, a 460 yard dogleg left. he decided to cut off the dogleg and ended up at least 100 yards ahead of Ryan Moore. However, his ball was in the rough on a severe downhill lie. He took a bogey on the hole, while the other two made pars. He is a crowd pleaser, I'll say that for him.
06/06/06 @ 10:34
Comment from: LionsHead [Visitor]
In relation to your second para, I too have played with similar people. However, the comments that I remember seem more like:

"What are you a homo?"
"Does your husband play?"
"No that's good . . . for you"


Sound familiar to anyone?
06/20/06 @ 21:49

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