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Comment from: Wibur Authur III [Visitor]
Hello again, this Thai Muang course I know it as I played it a couple of times. Know what you mean about being off the tourist track, that was what I liked about it. I played pretty ok but caddy no. 17 was a bit of a diddy so she distracted me a bit. Can't argue with you there about it being a great spot, sitting outside the 19th hole hearing the waves crashing was bliss, actually I found the 19th to be the best watering hole outside of Phuket, literally lol.
05/21/06 @ 21:07
Comment from: Mike [Visitor] Email
Although I agree with the less hectic atmosphere at Thai Muang, my favourite remains the Blue Canyon course. Earlier this year, Harry Scott did join me and my two friends for a few days of wonderful golfing, which also included the new Red Mountain course. As for the Thai caddies, they are all sweeties :-)
07/21/08 @ 04:17

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