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Hair loss and golf?

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I cracked up laughing when I visited Wheat Road Golf to find their top link was about a miracle solution to male hair loss. Being a golfer and one of the many follicly challenged males in the world, I thought this might be of interest. Laughingly,… more »

Will pro golfers couple-up like other celebrities?

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With movie superstars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, known to the media as "Brangelina", giving birth to their first child and many other celebrities choosing to mix only with other celebrities, my thoughts turn to our professional golf ranks. Pro gol… more »

What's it really like living on a golf course?

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I spoke to a friend of mine recently who owned a fairway side property at a prestigious golf course. I imagined this would be the ultimate lifestyle but he thought otherwise. Aparently, he had so many broken windows and intruding wayward golfers that… more »

Golfing on or off Phuket Island.

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Playing golf in Phuket, Thailand is almost always a lot of fun. From the compulsory lady caddies to the tropical surrounds, it's all an experience. My regular golfing round is found on the mainland of Thailand just north of Phuket Island. Thai Muang G… more »

What does Greg Norman have to do to lose the choker tag?

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When is it going to end? I am completely sick of hearing, Greg Norman, choker this, and Greg Norman, choker that. Just because he let a few good winning margins slip by without a win doesn't mean he is entitled to a lifetime of abuse. The simple fact… more »

Death of Earl Woods has blogger wondering if he can raise the next Tiger

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With the recent passing of Earl Woods, I can only admire the time, dedication, sacrifice and effort he put in over the years to put his son in the position he is today. But do you think that Tiger Woods' success has just been through years of dedicate… more »

A good stretch before that first drive is sage golf instruction

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I should have listened to those people that told me to stretch before playing golf. Ok, so I got my first golf game in after a layoff of over six months. At first, everything was fine, I played badly of course, as with no practice those bad habits ca… more »

In Thailand, two left golf shoes a hidden blessing

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So there I was, sitting in my office working. Dreaming about the coming day where I was going to play my first game of golf in about six months. One of the reasons that I settled in Phuket, Thailand was the all-year-round warm temperatures and the a… more »