What Not to Do With Your Golf Cart

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What is it with golf carts that bring out the stupid in people? Now here in Minnesota we usually blame stupid things on Wisconsin so this latest news story is kind of embarrassing. Our local fish wrap, the Star Tribune reported that 24-year-old Josh… more »

Golf Gear News #44 - Odds of Tiger Winning US Open, Get a Tax Deduction, Black Ops Golf Psychology and Clubmaxx Golf Bags Interview

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Listen to podcast Golf Gear News #44. Interview with the Guru: Clubmaxxgolfbags.com. The Newstand: Odds of Woods Winning the US Open, and Get a Tax Deduction for Playing Golf. Golf of the Weird: Black Ops Golf Psychology. Our new Golf Gear… more »

Tiger's Done Before He Even Starts

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It is amazing the spectacle of rabid celebrity worship. I just read a headline from Yahoo at the start of the second round of the Masters that said “Anyone’s Jacket” in big headlines. The subtext then said: “Tiger Woods is now six shots off th… more »

Golf Gear News #43 - Masters & Tiger, Masters Food, Masters History, San Diego Golf Academy Interview

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Listen to podcast Golf Gear News #43. Interview with the Guru: San Diego Golf Academy. The Newstand: Odds of Woods Wining the Masters, How Did Amen Corner Get It’s Name, and Last Remaining Living Player from 1934 Masters. Look for our new Go… more »

Golf Gear News #42 - Wie Drops Out, Feherty Breaks Ribs, StopClubAbuse.org, Old Works Golf Course, FST Interview

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Listen to podcast Golf Gear News #42. Interview with the Guru: Femco Steel Technology (FST). The Newstand: Wie Drops Out of Safeway Event, Adam Scott Hates Slow Play, and Feherty Gets Hit By Truck. Golf of the Weird: Stopclubabuse.org. Golf… more »

Golf Gear News #41 - Ernie Els on Autism, Golfer Kills Hawk, Adjustable Shafts, Scratch Golf, Where willTiger Play

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Listen to podcast Golf Gear News #41. The Newstand: Ernie Els Supports Autism. Golf of the Weird: Golfer Kills Protected Hawk. State of the Game: Women Can Compete with Men. The Perfect Fit: Shaft Makers in the World of Adjustability. She… more »

The Fallacy of Club Adjustability

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I commend the big brands in finding new ways to pick the pockets of the average golfer. In 2007, the USGA, decided to establish a new rule on club adjustability It allows for woods and irons to be developed with interchangeable heads, variable shafts… more »

Golf Gear News #40 - Tiger Kicks Butt, Wie Sucks, Female Golfer Sues, Are Your a Lethal Weapon & Strategic Shaft Technologies

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Listen to podcast Golf Gear News #40. Interview with the Guru: Strategic Shaft Technologies. The Newstand: Tiger Woods Kicks Butt and Michelle Wie Sucks. She Golfs Too: Female Golfer Banned from Tournament. Component Corner: TaylorMade Sel… more »

Golf Gear News #39 - Norwegian Golf Bribes, Marriot Must Allow ADA Golf Carts, Golfer's Dog Eaten

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Listen to podcast Golf Gear News #39 Interview with the Guru: Sweetwood Golf Company. The Newstand: Siemens Embroiled in Norwegian Golf Bribe Controversy, and Mickelson Shoots an Eleven and Misses Cut. Golf of the Weird: Golfer's Dog is Eaten.… more »

Snipe All You Want but Tiger Runs the PGA

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The start of every PGA Tour season finds Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson missing from the ranks. Even V.J. Singh thinks they should have moved the tournament back at least a week to give the top dogs more time off. Some players like Jeff Ogilvie and Steph… more »

When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Sue

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When everyone is making money there isn’t time to try to take down the competition. With shrinking margins, stagnate revenues and tougher competition, if you can’t innovate your way to profitability, the only choice is to sue. Take the recent cour… more »

Tiger and Phil Compete on the Charity Front Too

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Without the great fanfare that came with the world’s number one golfer announcing his Tiger Woods Learning Center, the world’s number two golfer Phil Mickelson and his wife Amy have partnered with ExxonMobil to support a teacher training program call… more »

Who Wants to Own a Golf Equipment Company?

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I wouldn't. Golf equipment isn't a very good investment these days. Look at Callaway. It's stock has dropped 20% since July ($15.71 vs. $19.49), Golfsmith has faired even worse crash-diving 47% ($5.77 vs $10.95). Two articles came to my attention o… more »

Sorenstam Gets Hitched. What Does This Mean for the LPGA?

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Oh boy! Annika just got hitched and you know what that means: limited schedule, retirement, clothing line, course building, babies. I mean, the girl is 36 and has been the best female golfer on the planet for the last ten years. What do you think it mean… more »

Viagra and Golf – Is Sex Worth the Sacrifice?

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I was driving to a client’s office this morning and I heard a radio ad for Viagra and its claim that an estimated 17 million men have ED. Yes, erectile dysfunction. I was shocked to hear that so many men can’t bring themselves to attention. I also… more »