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Comment from: Craig [Visitor] Email
Yeah it's interesting to see what few retailers and manufacturers are actually expanding.

You mentioned Hireko above, who are actually expanding their business as the moment as they can see opportunities in a market full of bargain hunters.

The other company looking to expand at the moment is Global Value Commerce who have Global Golf & Taylormade pre-owned.

I still think there are opportunities in the market for companies with a business model that fits the times and the above two examples definitely fit into that group.
2009-03-06 @ 20:58
Comment from: Dan [Visitor] Email
Interesting article.

No doubt the economy is playing a role in golfers buying trends. We can only hope these financial times will turn around soon.

2009-03-10 @ 16:44
Comment from: Frank [Visitor] Email
We run a group of websites related to golf. The trend we have seen in terms of retail sales for clubs was from (expensive) major brands to second tier brands, including Pinemeadow you mentioned above. I believe that retailers with an established online retail set-up have a significant price advantage over in-store brands. Golfers who used to buy a new set of branded irons at the beginning of the golf season now seem to tend towards cheaper 2nd tier brands in order to save money. Golfers are a funny lot, even if money is tight they still crave for some new clubs, hoping it will improve their game. In this light I agree with you that these times will be tough for brands that pay a fortune in endorsement fees, but I believe this will actually improve business for those who are nimble and are able to present good quality at a reasonable price.
2009-03-17 @ 22:31
Comment from: George [Visitor] Email
Things have changed! But some of us are still around and giving the bargains golfers are looking for. I wonder if greens fees are going down to keep us out there using the equipment.
2009-04-02 @ 11:50
Comment from: Paul Gent [Visitor] Email
The worldwide recession is certainly taking it's toll. But as Frank states above, golfers are indeed prone to the latest clubs or gadgets to help shave numbers from their handicap.
2009-06-10 @ 08:46
Comment from: abigail [Visitor] Email
reading something like this makes me feel so sad....wondering that competition will crush down anyone weaker...
2009-06-12 @ 13:29
Comment from: Victor Pesqueira [Visitor] Email
As a supplier to golf retailers, I see how the big brands squeeze margins from the medium-small retailers. Moreover, the retailer has become a savvy merchandiser with an attractive product/brand mix in their store. Most brick and mortar retailers these days have a very lenient trial/return policy in place and I'm sure this has impact the online retailers.

In my business, I supply add-on items that improve a retailers average transaction value and generate incremental profits. I believe that retailers must focus on building the "value proposition" they offer to a customer. That might be top-line customer service, return policies or 1-stop shopping by merchandising add-on items.
2009-07-02 @ 12:29
Comment from: Swing Trainer [Visitor] Email
We definitely would benefit from more competition in the market.
2009-08-27 @ 22:33
Comment from: Jeff Davis [Visitor] Email
I think that the big companies will continue to struggle, yet there should be opportunity for niche companies such as Bobby Grace who make really great product. Glad to se him back after the MacGregor meltdown
2009-09-12 @ 11:51
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