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Comment from: Robert [Visitor] Email
I am not at all surprised on the suspension of John Daly, I was quite sure of this going to happen!
2009-01-04 @ 12:02
Comment from: deanna [Visitor] Email
How can you complain about the coverage Daly gets when you just covered him yourself? I think the press should have to be suspended on writing about Daly for the same six months, but then again what would you have to write about. For you, he is job security. Check yourself. Daly is a mess, but you keep writing about it.
2009-01-04 @ 21:06
Comment from: Stacy [Visitor] Email
John Daly now has a chance to reinvent himself on the European Tour. I hope he enjoys the change and makes the most of it.

2009-01-05 @ 15:51
Comment from: Golf ball [Visitor] Email
I don't understand, why media is giving so much importance to John Daly. He is in complete mess. In fact, he is nowhere when compared to Tiger Woods.

2009-01-20 @ 00:53
Comment from: larry [Visitor] Email
John daly needs love, and compassion far more than criticism. we all have fallen, but needed a helping hand whenever we do.Lets hope John can sort things out in the future.
2009-02-05 @ 00:56
Comment from: Art [Visitor] Email
Sure he needs Love, but not from The PGA. He needs to Go to AA and find it there if he ever hopes to survive Himself
2009-02-14 @ 06:41
Comment from: Rip Hall [Visitor] Email
First of all, I'm a golf fan...Tiger, Phil, and yes,
John Daly despite his woes. What's intriguing is the media still writes about John despite no Top-10's
since 2006 and it's amazing above the writer
stated "Its only two rounds because Tiger will make the cut and Daly won’t." Well, just the opposite happened - I say 'play on' John, watch your drinking and what you
say in public because you are under a microscope. Some may say that misery loves company, but I say John has more baggage than some and he still is competing.
2009-07-17 @ 17:00
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