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Comment from: Dave [Visitor] Email
> How will she entertain us then?

When I watch Michelle Wie, particuarly in PGA Tour events, I feel both amused and bemused at the same time. It is a feeling I cannot describe.

The only thing that has given me a similar feeling is watching Tim Henman play in a tennis Grand Slam semi-final.
2008-08-02 @ 14:04
Comment from: Dave [Visitor] Email
Michelle Wie has gone from good potential to a carnaval side show. She has not earned the right to anything in the world of golf and has become a joke in the process. No more sponsor exemptions on any tour until she proves she deserves them by posting real results. She hasn't won anything and she does not deserve anything until she does. Go to Q school like everyone else. At one point you had potential but you are as common as table salt at this point in time.
2008-08-03 @ 13:20
Comment from: Dave [Visitor] Email
I agree with everything you've just said, Dave.

I will just point out that the Dave above this post is not me though.

2008-08-03 @ 15:45
Comment from: Joe Cool [Visitor] Email
How can a girl, stupid as a rock, get accepted to Stanford? Obviously, as everyone knew from the beginning, it was all about the money. I do not think her parents really care what Michelle does with her career as long as those bucks keep coming in.

During the Canadian Open one of the Korean players will post very low rounds the first two days and Michelle will not make the cut...then what?? Stay tuned for the next exciting episode.
2008-08-11 @ 15:53
Comment from: BV [Visitor]
> How will she entertain us then?

Well, personally, I'm hoping she branches out into stripping! Now that she's 'legal' I guess it's OK to say "damm, what a smokin' bod that girl's got"....right?? ;)
2008-10-07 @ 15:52

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