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Comment from: peter [Visitor] Email
my wife and children gave me a replica of Bobby jones putter calamity jane for Christmas one year. I didn't want to see it on a mantle, so I played with it for 2 straight years. Greatly improved my putting stroke and because of the slight loft it helped in putting from just off the fringe. had greater feel than any other putter i've used
2007-03-22 @ 19:34
Comment from: Matt Ost [Visitor] Email
I bought an old putter while living in Atlanta many years ago and never gave it much thought...It is a Calamity Jane model with original old grip and seems to be quite old...after reading your article I think I will give it a go tomorrow off the greens here in California...we'll see...good luck with your game
2007-04-09 @ 20:20
Comment from: Pat Costello [Visitor] Email
I got interested in hickory clubs when hearing stories of my granfather who made clubs and played on the tour in the first part of the last century. I picked up some vintage hickory clubs, reworked them into playing condition andhave played with them eversince. The thrill and challenge of hitting a mashie-niblic over the trees into a small elevated green is much greater than hitting my Hogan 9 iron. I recommend hickory for any golfer who wants to experience true golf pleasure.
2007-04-12 @ 01:44
Comment from: Jack Spring [Visitor] Email
Mike Just and the folks at Louisville Golf now have a superb line of hickory shafted replica clubs. Golden Era hickory golf is expanding and Oakhurst will be hosting the first annual Oakhurst International Challenge April 24,25,and 26 where hickory players from all over the world will be playing pre-1900 (splice neck clubs and gutta percha balls) and vintage (1900 to 1925 hickory shafted clubs)dressed in knickers, ties, playing off sand tees. The great tradition of hickory golf is having fun!
There is no greater challenge in golf, bar none, than playing as Bobby Jones, Walter Hagen, Harry Vardon, and Francis Ouimet did with their hickory sticks. In the winter of 1930 one of Spalding's experts went through 5,000 hickory shafts to finally get the one that was used on Bobby's reshafted club - one he used when he won the Grand Slam! There is no greater golf challenge nor greater reward and satisfaction than hickory golf! I suggest if you try it, you may never come back to titanium, graphite, and perimeter weighting.
2007-12-21 @ 03:48

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