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Comment from: ValD [Visitor] Email
EBay and Manufacturer’s have dramatically changed the landscape in the Golf business. You local Golf Shop not only competes against local discount stores and other shops, but now eBay. Although skeptical at first, I have found everything and anything you can imagine related to my golf needs on eBay. I will never pay those inflated prices for any Golf Equipment!!!
What’s even better is, Golf’s Holy Grail of majors, The Masters, is even accessible on eBay. I found tickets to the event for all days and all types of packages. All my friends that have always wanted to go but never had a chance for tickets can make that once in a lifetime trip! Send me an email (vdsouza at yahoo dot com) and I will help you find them or any of your golf gear if you have never used eBay before. Hope to see you at the Masters!!
2007-02-16 @ 10:55
Comment from: michael marvel [Visitor] Email
A bit of a misunderstanding I would like to address.

The pros do not have Izzo bags, the bags are equipped with the Izzo Tour Dual Strap.
The caddies for these 6 pros do care that the Izzo Dual Strap with Comfort Swivel Technology allow them to carry heavy, bulky staff bags more comfortably than
any other strap on tour.
2007-02-16 @ 13:12
Comment from: Bruce Stasch [Visitor] Email
A good clarification. Yes, its the caddies that really care that they've got comfortable equipment to carry those hefty golf bags.

Stiill, I'll argue that the implication that golfers that have their caddies carry their bags with a Dual Strap score better is a bit thin, but it does clear up what the "relied on Izzo to carry their bags" really meant.

Appreciate your making the point.
2007-02-16 @ 13:25
Comment from: CB [Visitor] Email
Are you kidding...since I started carrying my Izzo, I am now a scratch golfer, down from a 14! LoL.
2007-02-17 @ 22:08

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