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Turning Back the Clock to Hickory Shafted Golf Clubs

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Modern golf equipment has experienced a constant technological march forward. More distance, more power, more accuracy. With 460cc titanium drivers, cavity back irons, space age graphite shafts and high tech putters, golfers are constantly searching fo… more »

Why Can't There be a Double Standard in Golf?

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The official keepers of the Rules of Golf are The United States Golf Association (USGA) for the United States and the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews (R & A) in Europe. Periodically they come out with ways to make the game more frustrating… more »

Podcast: Wie's Injury, Hockey Like Golf, Square vs. Weighted Drivers, Ice Golf in CO and Golf Novel Predicts Future

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CLICK HERE to listen. In Episode #31 of Golf Gear News, host Bruce Stasch reports at The Newstand that Wie is Out for Month with Injury, Hockey Wants to Emulate Golf and TaylorMade-Adidas Inks Deal with Chinese. In the Perfect Fit section we learn… more »

Why Do I Care What Bag The Pros Play?

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I got my daily e-mail from Golf Press Association. It is basically a regurgitation of the press releases they receive from equipment, apparel and marketing companies. I accept that. Sometimes these e-mails even contain some interesting announcements.… more »

Is TaylorMade Losing It's Edge to the Square Driver?

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The "hottest" marketing trend in the driver world today is the square-headed driver. Both Callaway and Nike officially hit the market with their entries at the recent PGA Show. Yet, TaylorMade appears to be sticking with their moveable weight concept th… more »