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Comment from: Brandon Tucker [Visitor] Email
I've said it once, I'll say it again:

Buy USED. I just bought a Titleist driver for $30. It's a few years old and used to cost $425. But I'll still outdrive most of you out there. BOO YA.
2006-11-29 @ 12:55
Comment from: Joe Cool [Visitor] Email
Pleeeeze Brandon, it is "preowned" just like "restructuring" instead of laying off. This is the 21st century.
2006-11-29 @ 17:55
Comment from: RonMon [Visitor] Email
How about some of those unproven Taylor-Made golf balls, retailing for over $40 per dozen? Every company has its price point, and every sucker is out there to buy, rather than earn, a game. Welcome to America, the land of the fee and the home of the slave.
2006-11-29 @ 20:33
Comment from: Eye On Golf [Visitor] Email
Well said. And just one further point...if someone is paying $125 for a lesson the pro falls into the category of Callaway and the consumer is even more gullible.
2006-11-30 @ 07:08
Comment from: Kristen [Visitor] Email
I know the topic is gullibility, but allow me to inject an opinion on the aesthetics of this beast.

Square is my favorite shape for gemstones. But on a driver??? It's ugly! Ptoo!
2006-12-07 @ 20:16
Comment from: CBMAXWELL [Visitor] Email
As one industry spokesperson said at a PGA Show some years ago, "We don't sell equipment, we sell 'hope'."
2006-12-09 @ 20:56
Comment from: Andy [Visitor]
It is UGLY..................... Who designed it Stevie Wonder?
2007-05-21 @ 09:23

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