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Comment from: Steve Santjer [Visitor] Email
I have credit at the "old" 2nd Swing. I stopped in at the "new" 2nd Swing and was told I'd have to make my claim through bankruptcy court because they're a "new" company, even though all the original founders are involved. What a scam. I have made a claim through the courts, but to no avail. Anyone have any other solutions? This is not right.
2007-10-05 @ 14:04
Comment from: Justin [Visitor] Email
I worked for the old second swing. They were SOOOOO much in debt that anyone filing a claim, including the vendors themselves are likely to see a penny. They owed BoA a substantial amount of money from loans. All money from the liquidation sales were going to pay back bank loans. I will say this. They were very cautious when it came to paying employees, we were paid our full salary, including commissions and bonuses until the very end, including a bonus for those of us who stayed until our stores closing day.
2007-11-20 @ 18:26

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