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Comment from: TK [Visitor] Email
Thanks for the article - I for one, will never buy another Ping product again.

If they refuse to support and give our troops a break, then they definitely do not deserve to be supported by the golfing community and Industry...
2006-10-18 @ 12:42
Comment from: Michael [Visitor] Email
That's one side of the story, but you neglect to comment on the other, more likely version that has appeared on a number of blog sites. In this version, the two retailers got caught giving the "military" discount to anyone who walked in the store and claimed it without making an attempt to verify whether they were indeed in the military. When Ping shut them down, the retailers went whining to the press claiming they were only doing their part to help the military.

I don't know the two retailers, nor do I know anyone who works at Ping, so I have no inside knowledge about which version is true. I do however, know that Ping has a decades-long history of generous contributions of equipment and money to educational institutions, the LPGA, the Solheim Cup, and the military. I also know that the two retailers, by their own admission, can't seem to abide by their own agreements.

You are clearly entitled to your own opinion, but given Ping's 40 year history of philantrophy, I consider the second version - the one you neglect to mention - to be the one that more closely resembles the truth.

As a military veteran, I support Ping's actions in shutting down the retailers and its response to the smear campaign that ensued. As a future Ping customer, I appreciate Ping's pricing policies and the vigorous action it takes to support those policies. I know that when I purchase a Ping product, I won't find that same product in the bargain basement 6 months later marked off 50% and that the product I purchase will retain some of its value a couple of years down the road.
2006-10-18 @ 13:51

Very valid argument if the retailers in question were not checking to see if those customers that they gave the discount were actually in the military. Yet, I was basing my post on a weekly e-mail I received from Golfweek.com that references the original article that appeared in the Augusta Chronicle (behind a password access) and does not clarify that point. Please send me a link to the blog postings you mentioned.

Ping has been a leader in branded golf equipment and I'm a big fan of their dot fitting system. They were one of the first to acknowledge and use as a marketing differentiator the fact that 80% of the clubs that you pull off the rack are not properly fitted for the average golfer.

Saying that, I've never been a fan of their premium pricing because I feel that they are way overpriced in comparison to other options that are out there. I tend to think like the Cheap Bastard when it comes to buying golf clubs. Ultimately, if Ping can get $800, $900 or $1000 for a set of irons, I say more power to them. This is capitalism after all.

I still think that this PR maelstom that Ping ran into was partial a result of the retailers' frustration with Ping's pricing policy and partly a case of retailers coming up with a discount idea that Ping, in hindsight, should of thought of sooner.

2006-10-18 @ 19:04
Comment from: Evil Hater [Visitor] Email
I think they should charge the military double for the clubs.
2006-10-22 @ 15:51
Comment from: SGT [Visitor]
As a soldier and a veteran, I will never buy anything that says PING again. As far as that goes, I will make sure my friends and family, WHO DO SUPPORT OUR TROOPS, do the same. I am sure by us doing this it will not make a difference as far as PING is concerned, but it is their right to not support us. It is because of the men and women who died for that right. IRONIC isn't it.
2009-07-10 @ 15:03
Comment from: Bob S. [Visitor] Email
I can see where people may disagree with Ping's pricing policy... I myself have several family members fighting overseas... However, as an account holder at a small public golf course, the only reason we are able to compete with the bigger shops is because of that policy... The policy runs across the board, nobody get's a break... Besides, the accounts that were closed knew what they were doing, and what the consequences would be if they stepped out of line... All of the discounts were given without approval... I'm happy that Ping stuck to their guns...
2009-10-23 @ 11:37
hile I found this page really intriguing, I could not help but to contemplate whether the figures you used are accurate. That statement looks fairly weird to me. Any thoughts whether it’s genuinely true?
2010-10-31 @ 13:42

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