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Comment from: BV [Visitor]
Are you kidding?!?!? I'd definitely pat 30 or 40 bucks an hour for one of these hotties to ride around in my golf cart for a round! NONE of my buddies would be able to concentrate, and I would win enough to pay her AND tip well! ;) Not sure about the $400.00 and hour lady though - I suspect she's cleaning more than your shaft!
2006-09-07 @ 17:30
Comment from: Jam-Boy [Visitor]
I suppose it all depends on what you want. Hot chicks to look at, or a solid round of golf. I've caddied with a couple of girl caddies in my day. I hate to generalize, but 99% of them have no idea what they're doing out there, regardless of how simple you make it for them. But they get away with it, because they have cleavage. So I say again. It all depends on what you want out there.
2006-09-07 @ 19:35
Comment from: Kevin Nichols [Visitor]
A "Bruce" who doesn't like the ladies. Will wonders never cease?
2006-09-08 @ 04:57
I don't get it. Do they get to wear those bikinis and things on the course? Wow! Sign me up. They can be my caddie and I'll be their cad!
2006-09-08 @ 14:20
Comment from: Carrin [Visitor] Email
Your article was right on (and some of the comments for it were really funny).
Before I became the owner of Myrtle Beach Caddy Girls, I tried to have a profile on
on Caddy Chicks. It may still be there. I have been caddying for about 5 years
now and I was extemely dissapointed with the site as well. It is poorly run,
exploitative, and most of the points they advertise are outright falsities. Most of
the girls wouldn't know a pin from a rake if it hit them in the bikini top. But I do
take issue with the stereotype that if a girl has a pretty photo, she musn't have
two brain cells to rub together. I make sure that all of my caddies know what to
do on a golf course, including ettiquette and dress codes. They have a manual
to learn, books to read, and info meetings
to attend. They are smart, talented, college educated, and also happen to be
beautiful and fun. I'm hoping that one bad company doesn't spoil it for those of us
who truly respect the game and love being professional caddies. If you ever
want to find out more about us, visit our website anytime or send us an email.
2006-09-21 @ 02:07
Comment from: James Gerivisios [Visitor] Email
Carin so let me see if I understand this, you were a caddy at caddychicks then started a site that offers the same service and now you want slug the competition with bad press. (this has got to be a first) Anyhow I went to both sites out of curiosity and must say that caddychicks.com seems to be far more professional than your spin-off. Perhaps its the sheer volume of caddies that are part of caddychicks that brings down the intellectual average (thousands vs ~6)... As for me if I had to book it would be through caddychicks.com.
2006-10-19 @ 09:15
Comment from: Carrin [Visitor] Email
Wow, James. I guess I can see your point, how it might look that
way. But that's not how we started. No "slugging" as you say. I wouldn't
have written anything that was false. I have been a professional caddy for 5
years and when I found Caddy Chicks, was optomistic and enthusiastic. But the
company just isn't good, from a caddy point of view. I've never tried to book as a
a golfer, but I know I would rather have a trained professional who actually knows
golf than just a girl in a bikini. I didn't steal their idea, caddying is as old a
profession as golf is a game. The reason that we have fewer caddies is that we actually
meet, interview, train, and get to know all of them. Myrtle Beach Caddy Girls is
an ACTUAL company, not just a website. Caddy Chicks is just a data
base, a personal profile site. They do some promotions and events, but for
the most part, it is just a virtual company. They never MEET their caddies,
speak to them on the phone, or know them in any way.
Most companies start small. But we are out there, meeting
local course managers, pros, and anyone involved with golf. We volunteer in
our community, help with local charity events, and even joined the Chamber
of Commerce. Our company has no plans for global domination, we just want
to offer golfers in MB excellent service. I'm so proud of all our caddies, their
strength, intelligence, talent and beauty. And I am proud to be the co-owner of
a fantastic company, and work with wonderful people, golfers and caddies,
every day.
2006-10-29 @ 01:28
Comment from: Mitch [Visitor] Email
Wow James, she hit that nail on the head. I had a friend that booked a girl through caddychicks.com...the girl never showed up. Shows what you know.
2007-04-09 @ 01:29
Comment from: Cindi [Visitor] Email
Hey I think I saw two of these girls at the course day in
today in Scottsdale....as I walked by a Caddychick wear-
extentions in her hair; alot of make up and a barbie
outfit....they were having a deeep conversation...with this bald fat guy she was playing with...(golf and whatever else later)..."so do you play alot of golf?" You might as well play a game with your wife who doesnt play and score points for bringing her along today. Oh yes and I did see the photo of this one girl on line and let me tell you...they had professional photos done adn alot of touch up! Anyones wife would look like a centerfold with these photographers! Not sure she was there to caddy....maybe hold his pudder.
2007-05-19 @ 20:50
Comment from: Guys from Bermuda [Visitor]
Our group booked an outing with the Carrin and the girls from www.myrtlebeachcaddygirls.com. They run a great service and made our event a hell of a lot of fun. I'd recommend them in a heartbeat.
2008-04-01 @ 14:09

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