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Comment from: Don Smith [Visitor]
I've been reading some of the post's on your blog and I'm not exactly sure what the theme of the blog is. I thought it was supposed to be about golf gear, but I just didn't see it
2006-07-24 @ 02:20
Comment from: Bruce Stasch [Member] Email

You've got a very good point. When I did my first podcast in October (oh those many moons ago) my intent was to focus on equipment. Well, the show has evolved (it's always a work in progress) and I've added a lot of different segments, most that don't pertain to equipment. Is that good or bad?

The show is an ecclectic mix of news, view, stories and tibits about golf. If it involves a course, a cart, a ball or a club, its fair game from my perspective.

Kiel does a great job covering equipment topics and has been doing it much longer than I have. Most of the rest of the bloggers cover golf destinations like a blanket.

I'm trying to carve my niche in the market with segments like Golf of the Weird, She Golfs Too, Why Can't We All Get Along, The Newstand, Golf Around the World along with my Component Corner (for equipment).

Perhaps the Golf Gear News name is a misnomer now. I've struggled with what name to call the show. Golf News & Views perhaps?

Don you make a good point, one that I've wondered about too. For now, I'm going to keep the name. If anyone has any thoughts on the subject (be nice now), l'd like to hear them.

2006-07-24 @ 18:28

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