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Comment from: Bruce Stasch [Member] Email

As I understand it, True Temper is purchasing existing inventory, equipment and trademarks, etc., and as they transition, they will be producing new inventory and re-introducing the products this Fall. I'm guessing that some of the major component sellers will still have Rifle inventory in stock. You'll need to contact them directly to see what is available.

Bruce Stasch
Golf Gear Guru
2006-06-27 @ 23:30
Comment from: Reggie Perry [Visitor]
I viewed some information on a Hydro formed Metallic Golf club shaft. I am interested in developing a shaft that has a flat side that goes from the butt of the shaft to about two inches away from the tip. Is this something that the Hydro formed process can produce. Royal Precision holds the patent to the hydro process. I hold the patent to the flat shaft golf club. Let's get together on something new.
2008-08-05 @ 00:06
Comment from: Bruce Stasch [Visitor] Email

Since I wrote this post, Royal Precision went bankrupt and was purchased by True Temper who would now hold all of the patents. Those are the guys to talk with about your technology. www.truetemper.com

Bruce Stasch
Golf Gear Guru
2008-08-05 @ 00:23
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2010-08-09 @ 11:16
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