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Bobby Knight the Golf Show Impresario

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You gotta see this. Bobby Knight, the former coach of the Indiana Hoosiers basketball team, now coach at Texas Tech, was the host of a Golf Show. Yes, in the early 80s, the face of Indiana basketball Bobby "Mt. Vesuvius" Knight, was the host of a local… more »

Golf Gear News Podcast #13 - Tiger races stock car, Consumer Reports ball ratings, more

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Click CLICK HERE to listen. In Episode #13 of Golf Gear News, host Bruce Stasch launches the GOLF GEAR DADDY GIVE-A-WAY. He also reports on the latest from THE NEWSTAND with Drunken Cops Vandalizing Driving Range, Tiny Tiger Losing to Professional,… more »

Dick's Sporting Goods Opens Golf Specialty Store

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I early spoke about the pending Clubbuilding War between Golfsmith and Golf Galaxy. Well, now there's a third big box player emerging Dick's Sporting Goods. Very quietly, this major sporting goods retailer has seen how nicely golf fits into it own ni… more »

Oh, Cry Me a River Mr. David Toms III

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Now that the afterglow from The Masters is down to glowing embers, some of us try to look back on what happened and reminisce. This includes professional golfers like David Toms III. AP writer Doug Ferguson got this gem from Mr. Toms last week “to me… more »

Golf Gear News Podcast #12 - Tiger's Wrong Word, a Two Driver World, Eco-Terrorists, Innovex Buyout and Trump's Golf Ego

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Click here to listen. In Episode #12 of Golf Gear News, host Bruce Stasch brings you the latest from THE NEWSTAND where he talks about Tiger's Poor Choice of Words, Eco-Terrorists, the Expanding Masters and the Longest Drive Champ in Europe. In S… more »

Betting is Going On at Amen Corner

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For those of us that can't break away from our desks, we still have an option to satisfy our Masters obsession – webcasting. According the Golf Blogger, CBS Sportsline and The Masters are offering 22 hours of live coverage of Amen Corner during the mas… more »

A Big Surprise in Phil Mickelson's Bag

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One thing that most viewers probably missed during Phil Mickelson's dominate golf performance last week at the BellSouth Classic was what was going on in Phil's bag. The commentators noted that Phil was experimenting with two drivers. Yes, two drivers. T… more »