Where Have All the Golf Equipment Websites Gone?

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I was recently looking at my old web bookmarks from a few years ago and noticed that when I clicked on the links to websites like Warrior Golf, Ranger Golf and golfclubs.net, they no longer worked. Many of these sites used to be selling non-branded golf… more »

John Daly Is Really Washed Up

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Why is it no surprise that John Daly got suspended from the PGA Tour for six months? Because he is a walking golfing disaster and he’s being allowed to milk everything he can from a sport that hasn’t seen him in the winner’s circle since 2006.… more »

ADT Skills Challenge Was a Snoozer

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I was flipping through channels this last weekend and saw about 5 minutes of the ADT Skills Challenge that was won by the Normans (Greg and his son Gregory). Was this thing really on for two hours? Oh boy, what a snoozer. It was like watching someon… more »

Caddie Opens Mouth, Inserts Foot

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Steve Williams is a rich man. He got that way by carrying the bag for the world's greatest golfer, ever. As a result, he's also probably the world's richest caddie. So what does Tiger's bag man do, he opens his mouth and inserts his foot. He disses p… more »

Taylor Made's New Golf Ball Promo Is Just Empty Marketing Hype

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I’d like to bring to your attention the lame attempt by Taylor Made to try to sell us more of their new TP golf balls. According to their recent press release, "My TP Ball allows golfers to connect with their number and make their golf ball an extensi… more »

There Is a Lack of Trust with Golflink's Golf Course Ratings

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I've always felt that there is a huge bias in the golf course rating world. Admittedly great courses like Bethpage, Pebble Beach, Doral and Torrey Pines all deserve their lofty scores. But, how these scores are derived is what I find very suspect. A… more »

Open Letter to WorldGolf.com. Re: Michelle Wie

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Please refer to exhibit A: If Michelle Wie Makes The Cut, I'll Do a Jean Van de Velte and Wear a Skirt "Is is with great sadness and regret that I will be unable to wear the aforementioned skirt, complete with green and blue flowers, because women's g… more »

If Michelle Wie Makes The Cut, I'll Do a Jean Van de Velte and Wear a Skirt

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Okay, I’m taking bets. My bet is that Michelle Wie, probably the most poorly managed professional female golfer in recent memory, will miss the cut in next week's men’s PGA Tour event. I don’t know who makes decisions for her, but in addition to… more »

Hard Work Will Kill You So Play More Golf

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Remember when you were younger one of your parents said "Get up off your butt and do something. Hard work never killed anyone." Well, according to the Japanese, it has. According to the Aichi Labor Bureau in Japan, the man who died was aged 45 and… more »

July 4th Fireworks Led to Golf Cart Tragedy

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Perhaps you may remember that I mentioned a story I found about how a fellow Minnesotan managed to impale himself while driving his golf cart? I thought you did. Unfortunately it wasn’t someone from Wisconsin and idiots on golf carts are staring to loo… more »

Golf Gear News #46: California Golf Alliance, GolfBall3000, Hireko Golf Blog, Stracka.com, Interview with Audubon International

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Listen to podcast Golf Gear News #46. Interview with the Guru: Audubon International. State of the Game: California golf industry sets up new advocacy organization called the California Golf Alliance. Golf Around the World: Spend your vacatio… more »

Golf Gear News #45 - Sorenstam to Retire, Most Overrated Golfers, Golf Cart Getaway, Golfing in the Green Zone and Black Ops Golfer Interview

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Listen to podcast Golf Gear News #45. Interview with the Guru: Black Ops Golfer. The Newstand: Annika Sorenstam to Retire and in tennis, Justine Henin does the same. Check out Golf Gear News 2.0 at Golf Gear News. State of the Game: Six Over… more »

Wow! Michelle Wie Only 16 Strokes off the Lead

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In an earlier post I pointed out how pathetic Michelle Wie's performances have been and how worthless the media's continued fixation with her is. I thought I'd provide a Day 2 update of the LPGA's US Open. Let's see now. Oh look. Christie Kerr, last… more »

Wasting Our Time With Michelle Wie

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Why oh why do we waste good printers ink (or in my case bytes) talking about Michelle Wie? She’s an albatross around the neck of ladies golf, an asterisk on the leaderboard of history, a sidenote in the annals of LPGA lore. People will say “Remembe… more »

Why Do Vandals Hate Golf Courses?

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In my fair state of Minnesota, on June 18th, vandals struck the greens of a golf course in Rochester . Although the estimated damage was minimal (around $2700), it got me to thinking. Why do vandals love to damage golf courses, especially the greens?… more »