Phil Mickelson wins bailout money, Ogilvy swaps golf ball mid-hole and match play philosophy

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Click here to listen. Until the recent flood of bank bailouts occurred, I'm not sure that the masses knew, or really cared, what financial institutions did with customer funds, so long as the economy was secure. So, in a sense, good came from this m… more »

Charles Barkley working to become the next Tiger Woods and how science can help you stop choking under pressure

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Click here to listen. To look at the golf swings of both Tiger Woods and Charles Barkley, one would have to admit that they are complete opposites from start to finish. Even with a gimp and a grimace at the 2008 U.S. Open, Woods' fluidity was still… more »

Stanford schools Michelle Wie on the mental game. Tiger Woods returns and is your short game scaring you?

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Click here to listen. Michelle Wie's high hopes were dashed once again as she struggled against the wake of the tide which Angela Stanford created as she plowed through on the back nine at the SBS Open. Expectations, as we have seen time-and-time-ag… more »

Does Michelle Wie version 2.0 still have glitches and is Tiger Woods too tired for golf?

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Click here to listen. With LPGA Tour card in hand, Michelle Wie is presenting the upgraded version of herself to fans this week at the SBS Open. You might even consider her "M.W. version 2.0", but don't expect any surprises as she still remains the… more »

Mickelson feels good about his ridiculous score. The trick to hitting a mud ball and celebrity quotes.

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Click here to listen. Mickelson's debut at the FBR Open was more of a fizzle than a roar. Phil not only missed the cut but appeared to be in self-denial as well. "It doesn't feel as far off as the score indicates," Mickelson said. "I know the sco… more »

No excuses for Mickelson to miss Bob Hope Classic. Also drive into the wind and quotes to live by.

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Click here to listen. This year is considered "fifty years of Hope" and over two million dollars were distributed in 2008 to charities through the Classic event, but even so, the top fifteen PGA Tour golfers are MIA, most with no reason as to why th… more »

Wie's void filled by Tadd Fujikawa, relax your swing without drugs or alcohol and how you can play the best courses in the world

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Click here to listen. Although Zach Johnson created excitement at the Sony Open winning by a stroke against Toms and Scott, it was fan favorite Tadd Fujikawa whom the cameras followed with the same fervor as when Michelle Wie played here. And wh… more »

Vijay Singh follows in Tiger Woods' footsteps. Sorenstam returns and how to practice the aloha shot at home

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Click here to listen. With the feature golf story of 2008 being knee surgery for Tiger Woods, it seems almost ironic that, just after winning the Chevron World Challenge, Vijay Singh would be in a similar predicament. Singh claims that he was hurt d… more »

Tiger Woods' billion-dollar record, Daly down-under, winter golf drills

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Click here to listen. Fear not Bill Gates! Tiger Woods will not topple the richest man in the world off of his pedestal! Tiger would require about $57 billion in order to achieve this goal but he is certainly on his way! It has been reported that… more »

Did women's long drive winner shaft the competition? Things to think about during golf's off-season.

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Click here to listen. Recently, a former SWAT team cop from Los Angeles won the golf RE/MAX World Long Drive Championship. The nearest competitor lost by only a few yards in windy conditions and, where some of the challengers didn't seem to mind the… more »

Nicklaus builds a golf town, will Tiger Woods erect a city? Also, playing in the zone.

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Click Here to listen Don't tell Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods that the country is in a recession and that the rest of the world is suffering as well because neither will believe you. Both golfers have moved forward with plans to build high-end commu… more »

Is unemployment taking its toll on the Tiger Woods team? John Daly flashed by spectator; eyes still burning. Callaway Big Bertha Irons Review

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Click here to listen. If you have ever taken an extended leave from your job, you also factor into it that there will be a mess to clean up when you return. Such is the case with Tiger Woods as his "brand" is taking a hit. Woods' Gillette comme… more »

Michelle Wie ditches Stanford for LPGA Tour; Bivens celebrates. Also, unusual golf rules and easy driver drills

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Click here to listen."I finally feel like I really earned it!" claimed a relieved Michelle Wie after realizing that she had, in fact, secured a place on the LPGA Tour for the 2009 season. This time there was no exemption, no secure feeling that Wie would… more »

Holiday golf gifts for every budget. Great deals from Callaway, uPro GPS and more!

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Click here to listen. How many times have you received a golf gift from someone who has never played the game? Although well intentioned, you secretly think, "that's another one for the junkbox!" Never fear! Instead of tossing this year's present… more »

Sorenstam career cut short, Wie redux. Will Thanksgiving pay off for Mickelson? Also, Kodak's $1 million challenge, play automatic golf and hit woods like a pro

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Click here to listen. Annika Sorenstam’s missed cut at the $1 million dollar ADT Championship resembles the 2008 LPGA season as a whole. As Sorenstam limped through the early rounds, a noticeably hurt Bivens on crutches did the same as she gave he… more »