Tiger Woods in the 2008 Olympics?

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Golf for beginners 02-05-06 episode thirteen asks the question, "Should golf be an Olympic sport?""http://english.people.com.cn/200411/26/eng20041126_165320.html" title="People's Daily Online">People's Daily Online, a Chinese online periodical in Engl… more »

Our Service Station Gets a Facelift!

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While Barry plays golf our Amoco station rejuvenates. Today is our anniversary. Fourteen years of marriage to the same guy. Has it really been that long? It's also a holiday…Groundhog Day. I don't remember the last time Punxsutawney Phil did NOT… more »

Phil Mickelson: The Man We Love to Hate

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Golf for beginners 01-29-06 episode twelve continues with our hole-in-one series as we discuss golfblogger.com's recent 140 yard, par-3 drop-in. No one was there to see it, he was not keeping score and it happened in the off-season. Does it count? We… more »

Review: TaylorMade R5 Driver

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Hello golfers. My husband Barry went through a big selection process in order to find the driver of his dreams so I asked him how he finally selected the TaylorMade R5 Driver and if he would share it with our audience. It was harrowing, what with the hug… more »

Network Television Dumps Golf!

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Golf for Beginners Episode Eleven discusses everything from Barry's win against his playing partners to exercises that you can do during the week to be prepared for a Saturday round of golf. Golf Blogger's Weekly discusses ABC Television's decision to… more »

Review: Titleist 905T Driver

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My new Titleist 905T Driver plays a starring role in my Burton golf bag. Okay, I love all of my Titleist golf clubs! In addition to my new set of Titleist 904F Fairway woods (you know, the woods I vowed never to part with) I also received a brand new Pr… more »

Michelle Wie Sent Packing!

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In Golf for beginners 01-15-06 episode ten we blog about Shigeki Maruyama's expensive habits and love of clothes, Greg Norman's empire which tops $160 million and relate one of our listener's hole-in-one stories. Have you ever gotten a hole-in-one? I… more »

Golf Tips: The Low Shot

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Feeling a bit rusty after the off-season? I hope these tips will help you through the early part of the season. How many times have you watched a golf tournament to find a pro under the trees after a wayward tee shot? The trouble golfers have with this… more »

Golf For Beginners Podcast 01-08-06

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In Golf for beginners 01-08-06 episode nine we blog about the best way to practice at the driving range, talk a little about Lucas Glovers' hole-in-one at the 2006 Mercedes Championships and ask a couple of poll questions from our listeners. For exam… more »

Review: Titleist 904F Fairway Woods

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"My new Titleist 904F Fairway Woods are tee-rific!" Their official name is the Pro Trajectory Titleist 904F Fairway Woods. I got mine with the YS-6 graphite shafts which are stock shafts. You can also select the Dynamic Gold S300 and the Titleist Speede… more »

Tis the Season to be Jolly...

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I'm trying a different format to see if anyone out there will respond to my blog. I notice that as I roll through the blogs on blogspot.com that there are very few responses. Nothing about golf today. I'm just enjoying a blissful day off from work. Work… more »

Consistency in Golf

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Barry G. Solomon's Golf Talk - The Importance of the PreShot Routine The preshot routine is used by every  good golfer on the planet. There are as many different routines as there are golfers.  Once you develop yours, you should use it… more »

Golf for Beginners Podcasts 12-18-05

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Golf for beginners 12-18-05 episode eight we talk about how the older set of golfers still get out and play, chat a bit about our game, give a few tips and mention what's new in the latest Golf for Women magazine. We also help another golfer with a dilem… more »

Woods Has Problems; Sorenstam's Team Wins

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In my last blog I really thought that Tiger Woods could take the trophy at the Target World Challenge. First off it's his tournament and second he's won it six times. You would think this tournament would be just another walk along the fairway. But as I'… more »

Tiger Woods Steals the Show Again

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Tiger Woods and Annika Sorenstam are separated by continents this week but will probably wind up the winners in their respective tournaments. I get to stay home and watch only one of the two greatest golfers in the world on television. While my sister a… more »