Is Kraft Nabisco aware of Dinah Shore's "other" event?

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It's time once again for the first major of the LPGA season to take place at Mission Hills Country Club in Rancho Mirage. But the big news in Palm Springs this weekend is not if Annika Sorenstam will hoist another Dinah Shore Trophy and jump into Champio… more »

Podcast: A golf trick-shot artist, a challenge for John Daly, LPGA invasion and a training aid review

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Click here to listen. Trick-shot artist Tony Musto, a.k.a. Deuce Mulligan, shares his golf teaching methods on our latest Golf for Beginners Podcast. The gauntlet is thrown down at John Daly's knees. Will he respond? The LPGA moves into PGA of A… more »

Endorsement deals for Wie and Pressel easy compared to veterans on LPGA Tour

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From the recent dealings between Michelle Wie and Omega, Sony and Nike to the latest sponsorship of Morgan Pressel by Polo Ralph Lauren, apparel and accessories have become a hot commodity among the younger set of LPGA golfers leaving some veterans out i… more »

A "hypnotic" golf podcast, a great training aid and love (?) on the golf course.

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Click here to listen. On our latest Golf for Beginners Podcast we talk with sports hypnotist/mind coach Pete Solana at the Lower Hudson Valley/Journal News PGA Golf Show. His great mental game tips will help you whether or not you believe in the power… more »

Annika Sorenstam "tunes-up" at Safeway on the road to elusive "Soren-slam"

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The Safeway International sponsored by Coca-Cola is always an important tournament for the ladies on tour. A few events have been played and comfort zones are being established. The girls are starting to sling the hash about their dreams of surpassing th… more »

Why is Annika Sorenstam being compared to aging rock star Alice Cooper?

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A new radio spot being released in conjunction with the Kraft Nabisco Championship next month features aging rock star Alice Cooper doing a "one-upmanship" with Annika Sorenstam. Why are they comparing someone who is past his prime to a current su… more »

Play Happy Golf (even when it rains on your Myrtle Beach golf vacation)

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My title sounds easy enough to accomplish, but I assure you it is one of the hardest lessons that I've set out to achieve this season. Two simple words, "play" and "happy" were taught to me as soon as I could enter a sandbox but it appears that I have… more »

The Fury of Myrtle Beach

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Okay, so it was not only FREEZING, it was windy and rainy too! But the elements couldn't stop us from playing golf in Myrtle Beach! Download our latest Golf for Beginners Myrtle Beach Podcast and listen to our adventures first-hand from our comfortabl… more »

Getting Personal With Tiger Woods. Where's Elin?

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In this week's Golf for Beginners Podcast Seventeen Barry and I talk about Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson's 2005 showdown at Doral's Blue Monster and the possibilities of another exciting finish this year at the Ford Championship. A dramatic ending usual… more »

Can Mickelson Survive Another Duel against Tiger Woods at Doral?

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In honor of this week's high profile Ford Championship at Doral, all other tours call it quits for the week. Tiger Woods versus Phil Mickelson again? Wouldn't THAT be a good ratings boost for NBC! Especially since the recent Olympics were a ratings flop… more »

Golf and the "X - Y" Factor

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Golf for Beginners Podcast 02-26-06 takes listeners deep inside the Battle of the Sexes debate. The latest Golf for Women Magazine recently surveyed men and women to hear their thoughts on this ongoing debate but Barry and I put our own spin on this "… more »

LPGA Welcomes Michelle Wie to Fields Open

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The best of the best on the LPGA Tour aim for both the second win of the season as well as amassing more points to gain exemption into the final hurrah of 2006, the ADT Championship. Michelle Wie will use her first of eight exemptions this week on her h… more »

Will Tiger Woods Play the Champions Tour?

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Golf for Beginners Podcast number fifteen looks at both the serious and silly sides of golf. Before we begin, please make sure that you tune in to our podcast next week as there is something happening to both Barry and I as well as Golf for Beginners… more »

Wie and Pressel in Celebrity Death Match?

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Golf for beginners wants to see Morgan Pressel and Michelle Wie duke it out! quoted Pressel as saying, "I don't think she (Wie) needs an exemption. I've been through qualifying. Everybody who doesn't make it on the money list, other am… more »

Check Out Stacy's Golf Swing!

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It's time for all of my readers and listeners to see the golf swing behind the blog. It's early in the season and this is my first time at a driving range but I think it's worthy of a visual. All I can say is thank goodness for my impact bag. Isn't it… more »