Do the Caddyshack and the hole-in-one and don't let your macho get in the way

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Click here to listen. With the excitement surrounding "the new and improved" John Daly's return to the PGA Tour and the buzz encircling 2008 Rolex Rookie of the Year Yani Tseng's win at the Corning Classic with an upcoming second major try at the Mc… more »

Michelle Wie, Mickelson flip-flops. Also identifying poisonous hazards and a day just for golf?

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Click here to listen. Another Sunday another myriad of mishaps, this time at the Sybase Classic. Just chalk it up to more experience for Michelle Wie. With the press and fans clamoring for a win, all MW can do at this point is to offer up hope tha… more »

Will PGA Tour booze throw Daly off the wagon? Also, Haney grip tip and Harmon says don't hold back

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Click here to listen. PGA Tour title sponsor negotiations are in high gear as a number of agreements will expire in 2010. With a current bailout of six mainstays and a weakened economy looming, options are dwindling despite the aggressive efforts of… more »

Tiger Woods makes TIME hero list. Maybe comic superhero next? Target golf: think small.

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Click here to listen. “It's difficult to think of you as a loser, but hey, you're a loser." sniggled David Feherty, as he interviewed Tiger Woods after a mediocre performance at Quail Hollow. You can lose but that certainly doesn't make you a los… more »

Annika who? Sybase looking to Ochoa, Wie to create buzz

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During the 2008 Sybase Classic, Annika Sorenstam mentioned that she would be "stepping away" from competitive golf, careful not to use the "r" word. Carolyn Bivens, worried that fans might lose interest in the LPGA, also made it perfectly clear that Anni… more »

Tiger Woods and Obama go on tour. Sony shaken after dumping Wie, the Gyroscope for muscle-building and Play Golf America!

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Click here to listen. Soon after Tiger Woods sat in on a news conference to promote his third year as host of the AT&T National at Congressional Country Club, he shuttled off to the White House to take a tour hosted by President Barack Obama.… more »

Do you have to be great to get the Big Break? The big snub from the Big Wiesy, the 50-yard sand shot, Shaft Skinz review

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Click here to listen. For the average golfer who dreams of one day getting a big break and playing on tour, consider the "fantasy tour" instead unless you come equipped with a low handicap, solid-looking swing and a glowing camera presence. The g… more »

Tiger Woods, Mickelson pairing ignites sparks, Michelle Wie goes to Korea-will there be rockets? Also Ruletwentyone golf towel and the longshot

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Click here to listen. "You've got to focus through the ficus" and "concentrate on being great!" Although these "Woods of Wisdom" are rhythmically repeated during the new Tiger Gatorade Focus commercial, it didn't seem as if TW took the advice as… more »

Sergio Garcia salivates for one Masters jacket while Woods and Mickelson look to add more green to their wardrobe. How to play aerated greens and beat the block.

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Click here to listen. Will Tiger Woods have any identifiable adversaries at this years Masters Tournament? Gazing into the PGA Tour crystal ball and deciding which golfers could make a move against Woods lead one to believe that Tiger is on par to w… more »

Can Phil Mickelson, Sergio Garcia take number-one status from Tiger Woods?

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One possible way for Phil Mickelson to become the number one PGA Tour golfer in the world, toppling Tiger Woods, is closely tied in to his finish at this weekend's Shell Houston Open. In order to turn his dreams into reality, Mickelson is going to have t… more »

Wie versus Sorenstam: which brand would you buy? Extreme golf experiences, Rich Beem's sand-trap easy out and old vs new golf balls

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Click here to listen. Branding a product is supposed to personify the qualities inherent in the celebrity whose name is on the package. Tiger Woods' name, for example, has been chosen not only because he is a champion but because he is credible, lik… more »

Is Tiger Woods taking a lesson from Michelle Wie, Sorenstam delivers, golf tips from Leadbetter and Rick Smith

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Click here to listen. Michelle Wie reportedly received $700,000 in appearance fees to attend the Asian Tour's 2006 SK Telecom Open. Tiger Woods' bonus for showing up at the Australian Masters will top the $3 million mark with the state government fo… more »

Wie joins Woods in media circus, Tiger hated by Esquire, golf ball trivia, Taylor Made Adidas golf shoes

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Click here to listen. Step right up! The circus is in town and is performing at a golf course near you! Watch as Henrik Stenson performs his schluoss to the delight of sighing maidens. Be mystified as IMG jumps through hoops to insure maximum visibi… more »

Henrik Stenson strips at Doral. Was the bogey really worth it?

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Swedish statesman and UN official Dag Hammarskjold once said, "There is a point at which everything becomes simple and there is no longer any question of choice, because all you have staked will be lost if you look back." One could maintain that the c… more »

Can Superhero Natalie Gulbis come to the rescue of her LPGA career?

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Click here to listen. Natalie Gulbis seeks stardom but when in the spotlight rarely puts on more than a mediocre performance. Between her lackluster appearance on Celebrity Apprentice and her recent slip in Rolex Rankings, it doesn't look like Gulbi… more »