NBC-TV says NO to LPGA, Donald Trump and $1 million prize

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The ladies of the LPGA finally get the opportunity to earn in one event as much as their PGA Tour counterparts. A million-dollar first place purse is being dangled in front of the contestants at the ADT Championship to see which golfer comes out of the g… more »

Podcast: Relax. Take a lesson from Tiger Woods, cold weather playing tips and advice from Babe Didrikson Zaharias

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Click here to listen. Tiger Woods claimed during an interview at the HSBC Champions event that he now feels "refreshed, recharged and ready" to play golf again after his recent bout with exhaustion. We take a tip from Tiger Woods and pass it along to… more »

Annika Sorenstam takes a publicity lesson from Michelle Wie

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While Lorena Ochoa struggles to grab player of the year honors on the LPGA tour, Annika Sorenstam has decided she likes the PGA "silly season" better, foregoing the Mitchell Company Tournament of Champions for a matchup against the men. Sorenstam and Fre… more »

Finchem and PGA golfers rightfully grumbling about Woods and Mickelson's departure from Tour Championship

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I don't blame Commissioner Tim Finchem for being upset that Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson are AWOL from this week's Tour Championship. He is the head of the organization in which both men have risen to the top of their respective games. He is also the p… more »

An open letter to all golfers entering the LPGA Mizuno Classic

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As you all know, your efforts to triumph over Annika Sorenstam are similar to efforts made by your male counterparts on the PGA tour when competing against Tiger Woods. Here are some tips on how to defeat Annika Sorenstam. 1. All must agree that t… more »

Podcast: We're joining Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson in a well-deserved break

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Both Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson have opted out of the Tour Championship. Tiger says that he needs to recharge his batteries and Phil is still trying to forget his U.S. Open "flop". Now that Barry and I have a year's worth of Golf for Beginners pod… more »

Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and Michelle Wie all share PGA immortality

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Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, even Michelle Wie, have been hot topics this season on the PGA tour but which story has gained the most sympathy, support and readership? Could Phil Mickelson's second Masters triumph be the early gossip leader, where eve… more »

Podcast: Tiger Woods gets more creative, are you a good loser and a red-letter day for Golf for Beginners

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Click here to listen. You would think that Tiger Woods already has every shot in his bag but he, too, is always learning. This week's golf tip focuses on all-important chip shot. At the end of a round of golf there can only be one winner, whether i… more »

Trump becomes a golf apprentice to Sorenstam and Gulbis

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If you come to New York toting your sticks, you won't be able to play a round of golf on the course that will host this weekend's skins game featuring Donald Trump. It's really a park that is being gussied up to bring attention to Governors Island, origi… more »

Ochoa rallies to dethrone Sorenstam while, in sharp contrast, Wie's television coverage grows dim

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At first I was considering letting the whole Michelle Wie debacle come to a close after her floundering performance at the Samsung. Why rub salt on the wounds and what more could be said about the 17-year old who is said to be one of the LPGA's great ho… more »

Podcast: Bill Clinton relates how his golf game mimics his life, Marriott and Nilsson's easy way to improve your concentration and punch your way out of trouble

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Click here to listen. Strengthen your focus and concentration with this game-within-a-game tactic! Pia Nilsson (Annika Sorenstam's mental coach) and Lynn Marriott's (Golf Digest Top-50 instructor) golf tips will keep you "in the moment"! Both are co-… more »

Puppy dog versus pit bull. Will Michelle Wie challenge Annika Sorenstam at the Samsung?

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Michele Wie would like nothing more than to be the golfer who dethrones Annika Sorenstam at the Samsung World Championship. Considered by some to be the LPGA's "fifth major", this would be a crowning achievement for the young Hawaiian girl who has tried… more »

Podcast: How Fred Astaire will help you with your golf swing, humor from Phyllis Diller and flat vs. steep: you need to know the difference

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Click here to listen. How you swing the golf club can really make a difference! A lesson from his golf professional taught Barry which plane which works best for irons, woods and driver. Fred Astaire was not only a terrific dancer but also a low ha… more »

Annika Sorenstam "skins" Lorena Ochoa in Mexico then guests on The Tonight Show

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Annika Sorenstam had little interest in entering this week's Corona Morelia Championship. She already proved convincingly that she can crush the LPGA's ADT money leader Lorena Ochoa and she's too busy preparing for her guest appearance on NBC television'… more »

Tiger Woods: a selfish, money grubbing prima donna?

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This is S. Scott Rosenberg's recent remarks about golf's beloved Tiger Woods. He further goes on to tell us that Woods should be the one man that America should love to hate. Could it be that Rosenberg is just a tad bit jealous knowing that he will never… more »