Podcast: A golf tip from Sam Snead helps us go from beginner to winner and improving your chip shot using the "bump-and-run"

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Click here to listen. This week on Golf for Beginners, Barry borrows a quote from the great Sam Snead to describe why my first ever possible even-par round (over five holes) turned into a mediocre event. No, it has nothing to do with Snead's effortles… more »

"Selfish" Appleby secretly glad Woods and Mickelson opted out of Mercedes Championship

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Appleby the outspoken. Shades of Greg Norman! Recently, Stuart Appleby was quibbling about Michelle Wie, complaining that she should wait before entering the PGA Tour, now he's moved on to a bigger target, namely Tiger Woods! "So happy you couldn't… more »

Wie tops Woods. Tiger had to win to be the richest man in golf

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Michelle Wie, now considered the richest female in golf, will make her 2007 PGA Tour debut in a few weeks. With twenty million dollars made from both appearance and advertising fees, Wie's LPGA Tour winnings seemed paltry in comparison (only about $70… more »

Podcast: Woods put a Tiger in his bag and so can you! Also, keeping fit during golf's off-season

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Click here to listen. What sets professional golfers like Tiger Woods apart from amateurs like us? Okay, so our swing speed hasn't been measured at 125 m.p.h. but it's not all in the physical aspects of our golf game. Amateurs sometimes fall into a co… more »

Should Michelle Wie receive a mention when asking LPGA fans to vote for their favorite golfers?

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Everywhere you look some association is busily handing out awards. Male athlete of the year has been bestowed upon Tiger Woods by both the GWAA and by the Associated Press, Lorena Ochoa was given the women's honor by the same organization and the Sports… more »

Podcast: Ernie Els takes Michelle Wie to school, Tiger Woods' preschool fame and a lesson on bounce

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Click here to listen. Michelle Wie's recent acceptance to Stanford gave us pause this week to reflect upon a golf lesson offered up by Ernie Els during the 2005 Sony Open. Perhaps if Michelle Wie practices with more determination this year, all of… more »

Would Tiger Woods and Lorena Ochoa have won the GWAA awards if all golf writers had a vote?

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Did Tiger Woods text-message Annika Sorenstam to gloat after winning his eighth GWAA player of the year award? Probably not because he must be too busy preening over being deemed Biography Channel's "Biography of the Year". Catch the Tiger Woods documen… more »

Podcast: Annika Sorenstam's one-handed swing and tips on winterizing your golf bag

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Click here to listen. Annika Sorenstam is one busy entrepreneur, from her successful association with Ginn Resorts right down to giving advice to golfers in both Golf Digest and Golf for Women magazines. Barry and I discuss Sorenstam's one-handed dril… more »

Are the lasik eyes of Tiger Woods akin to steroid enhancement?

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I now have the eyes of the tiger...Tiger Woods that is! It's now about two weeks since lasik surgery has been successfully performed on my peepers and I must admit, it feels as if it happened a lifetime ago. Even with the new technology of intralas… more »

Podcast: Nicklaus and Leadbetter's putting tips, Annika Sorenstam keeps it simple and a training aid that will keep you dry: Umbrella Plus!

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Click here to listen. Here is a conundrum for our listeners and readers. What functions as both raingear and a golf training aid? Why an umbrella, of course! And not just any umbrella, no! The rain reflector we're discussing in this week's podcast, Um… more »

Podcast: Tiger Woods and Elin do non-golf activities-what's best for you and a winning quote from Arnold Palmer

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Click here to listen. Not all husbands and wives are meant to share the game of golf. Tiger Woods and his wife Elin, for example, enjoy other activities together as she is an expert downhill skier. As Tiger stated, "Being married to a Swede, you have… more »

Vijay Singh is taking lessons from Tiger Woods

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Imitation is considered the sincerest form of flattery. I guess Vijay Singh must consider Tiger Woods PGA Tour '07 fair game as he has created not only the initial Vijay Singh Pro Golf Game but now an updated version more simply entitled, "Pro Golf 20… more »

Podcast: Be like Tiger Woods and learn to focus, how not to toe the line and our quote of the week from Patty Sheehan

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Click here to listen. With the assistance of his father, Tiger Woods learned early on how to focus not just on the shot at hand but also on that little golf ball directly in front of him. We discuss clarity of mind which helps all golfers including Ti… more »

Michelle Wie paid to play, not to win

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You've got to give Michelle Wie credit as she tees it up against the men for the final time this year at the Casio World Open. She just keeps on ticking with no sign of stopping. As a determined Wie stated, "Get used to it". And so we shall as Michell… more »

Podcast: Ipod golf tips for the driving range and we battle over practice techniques

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Click here to listen. This podcast is a biggie, filled with lots of golf tips for the driving range. Our listeners have spoken, letting us know that they take their ipods (and our weekly tips) with them when they practice so we have created this sessi… more »