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Comment from: Joe Cool [Visitor] Email
If B.J.Wie watches the Solheim Cup on television back in Hawaii, Michelle will do fine. If he is breathing down her neck (as he usually does) her experience will be a disaster! Unfortunately, I think BJ is going to be very meddling during the Solheim Cup. The guy just doesn't get it and I doubt if he ever will. It will be interesting to see how Wie and Inkster get along after their caddy situation. I checked out the course and with a slope of 151, it looks like a real bear of a course. Trees, trees and more trees! Good luck to the USA TEAM!
2009-08-04 @ 22:27
Comment from: Joe Cool [Visitor] Email
Daniel, the captain of the U.S. Solheim Cup team, first had the brass to pick Wie as a somewhat controversial at-large pick, since she didn't make the team on points. Then she flatly informed Wie's micromanaging parents that their presence would not be needed. According to one report, Daniel said that parents B.J. and Bo would not be allowed in the team room or to attend team dinners. Separation anxiety, anyone? As nearly everyone has come to realize, Michelle hasn't really been the issue in most of her foul-ups, bleeps and blunders. It's her doting dad and manipulative mother.

Well, it is about time!
2009-08-10 @ 18:11
Comment from: Jay [Visitor] Email
Where are the vultures (Wie Bashers and Wie fans) ? Only one comment by Joe Cool ? Dotting dad and Manipulating mom, that is a good one.

In any case, I hope Wie does better. If Y.E. Yang can win a Major at age 37, after picking up golf for the first time at age 19, Wie certainly should be able to pull it off. Only IF she puts in as much hard work as Yang did...
2009-08-20 @ 01:04
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