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Comment from: Golf Enthused [Visitor]
Amazing. Incredible talent, incredible role model. High five golf. High five Tiger.
2009-01-06 @ 16:56
PGA Tour’s John Maggines has done a wonderful story on Tiger Woods and John Daly, who he says are the the players with the biggest fan base on tour. He goes on to point out the contrasting tales of these two stars and how John Daly would have to look to get his career back on track by taking the train to Europe and he might be better off for that.

But it is hard to imagine that Tiger could soon be on the list of richest people across the world. We must remember that we are just taking into account his earning, god only knows what he has done with his personal assets and if he has invested well and withstood the meltdown, then I would not be surprised if it is steinberner who will probably have to try and chase him down to regain his spot on the list. Who would have thought a sportsman could amass so much wealth. That, I guess is what you get when you cross charisma with talent. And the news about Tiger starting to take full swings at his Florida home is definitely great news for those looking forward to see him back.

Play Well.


Andy Brown

2009-01-14 @ 14:51
Comment from: Putting Drills [Visitor] Email
I do not think that if Daly was not such a train wreck then he woudl not have the following. He woudl then be like all of the others. People liek to 2 things - to cheer the underdog and to watch a car crash. Daly is both wrapped up into one.
2009-03-13 @ 14:43
Comment from: HootOwl [Visitor] Email
Tiger has used excellent strategy on the links. But lately it appears he's been spending too much time concentrating on his putz.

Sorry, someone just had to say it.
2009-12-13 @ 01:14
Comment from: CC [Visitor] Email
Thanks for your steadiness Tiger. You are a man, we understand. You did not do anything that all men on the planet had not done since the beginning of time. Any man and I emphasis "man" who said they never stray is lying to himself. Men may say, "I never done that." Right. It just that you never been caught. It is just that Tiger is a public figure.

Thanks for marrying that particular woman because we have seen what other women can do. Dignity is the name of the game. Thank you Mrs. Woods for not letting all women down. And thank you for choosing that particular woman Tiger. She refuse to go hollywood on us. We admire "LOYALTY." Again, thank you and let's have a win. "Okay"
2010-05-06 @ 18:26
Comment from: China tours [Visitor]
This is really great news. Thank you for sharing it with us!
2010-10-11 @ 07:21

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