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Comment from: Rob Turner [Visitor] Email
It takes guts, serious guts to strut around with something like that. More importantly to tell the sharks in the media centre that you would be making an appearance with a fancy new apparel in a tournament where people are hoping to see you improve upon a good start to your career. Anthony Kim, not only got hold of that cup but he also made a huge point by ensuring no one could question his “mental” competence. His head is firmly on his shoulder.

It’s good as long as it lasts, the crowds will lap it up, the journos will write about it and many reels of news footage will be wasted on that extraordinary “buckle”. But the day he hits a bad patch and well no one can really avoid it all this will come to hound him. People will start blaming his garish attitude statements for his performance. If he is willing to stomach all that criticism that will come his way and is confident of the good show continuing, then, may the force be with you Mr Kim!
2008-07-13 @ 08:49

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