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Comment from: Lina [Visitor]
Camilo’s ability to stay focused on his golf game is one reason why we have chosen a putting tip from the up-and-coming Columbian player????? WHAT???? COLUMBIAN PLAYER? THE PERSON WHO WROTE THIS ARTICLE DOESNOT KNOW ABOUT GEOGRAPHY... I KNOW A COUNTRY NAMED COLOMBIA, THEREFORE CAMILO VILLEGAS IS COLOMBIAN.
2010-01-08 @ 14:34
Comment from: Leslie [Visitor] Email
So are you saying then that the person who wrote this article doesn't know about geography due to a typo?

Did anyone ever tell you that SHOUTING in all caps is RUDE? Lina is the idiot as we can all see from the comment.
2010-01-11 @ 08:43
Comment from: Maddona Person [Visitor] Email
The one we saw was really big too
The funniest moment comes when a guy puts the book-on-tape version
2010-07-16 @ 19:47

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