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Comment from: Youth Conservation Corps [Visitor] Email
Charity Golf Outing Thursday June 12,2008
hosted by Walgreens.Donation of any kind will glady be app be appreciated. Our web site www.youthconservation.org
Your contribution supports the 2008 Youth Conservation Corps program for Lake County. Please feel free to call our staff at (847-623-0900) for any information you may need regarding donation/sponsorship.
2008-03-31 @ 11:14
Comment from: e d bethel [Visitor] Email
As a new viewer to golf my suggestions are: use a
graphic to show the location of the hole (depending
upon the view being televised (especially when when the hole is hard to locate); show the different
clubs and explain what they're normally used for and why a specific club is being used. The 3-d scene used in the Masters was exceptionally good --perhaps it can be
used for all events?
2008-04-16 @ 01:09
Comment from: W. Allen Saba [Visitor] Email
I am very disappointed with your ruling at the 2010 PGA tournament. If Dustin would have been able to see where he was he may have been able to see that he was in a trap. However, the PGA not being able to control the crowds by letting them stand in the trap while the player is playing a shot it your fault. Things are not always black and white that is why God gave us a brain. Unfortunately, the officials that made this ruling didn't use their brain. I am a single diget handicap and this may be the on thing that will make me stop enjoying this sport.

2010-08-15 @ 16:42

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