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Comment from: Andrew Lawton [Visitor] Email
It's a little too early to worry about Sam Alexis - I think the LPGA needs to look forward to Cheyenne Woods coming up in the not too distant future. If she is anything like her uncle - Michelle Wie will be history before she gets her act together.
2007-12-10 @ 17:26
Comment from: Judge Smails [Visitor] Email
I'm betting that Alexis Woods beats Bubbles by age eight.

Oh, I don't like the idea of giving girls masculine names; that why I just call her "Alexis."
2007-12-11 @ 00:56
Comment from: Joe Cool [Visitor] Email
You're right about Cheyenne, she is not only a great golfer but a wonderful person. I do not know if it was her idea to be out of the spotlight or it was her parents. I have only seen her on the golf channel and she is something special.
2007-12-11 @ 19:47
Comment from: hien [Visitor]
kudos for Cheyenne.

2007-12-14 @ 01:29
Comment from: Joe Cool [Visitor] Email
Hey Judge,
I see that Nike's CEO, a Stanford grad, is taking a course at Stanford. Now that is what I call checking on your investment! Maybe Bubbles will invite him out for a hamburger and milkshake.
2007-12-17 @ 19:34
Comment from: Judge Smails [Visitor] Email

Maybe he's there to learn about bankruptcy proceedings.
2007-12-17 @ 21:13
Comment from: Joe Cool [Visitor] Email
Joe...you are so lucid!!!
2007-12-18 @ 18:13

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