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Could Tiger Woods continue his reign without a golf instructor? Also easy drills for weight transfer and clubhead speed

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Click here to listen. The rumor mill, once it gains momentum, just doesn't seem to let up. The discussion of the possible split between Tiger Woods and Hank Haney appears to have been initially fueled by that ever-effusive announcer, Johnny Miller,… more »

Can Tiger Woods sell you a birdie in a bottle? Also, the no-backswing swing and finish in balance!

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Click here to listen. Tiger Woods has endorsed many products in his illustrious career, from American Express cards to the Nike Sasquatch driver. Woods' likeness appears in his own video game with EA Sports. He drives a Buick in advertisements for G… more »

Nike begs Michelle Wie, Just Do It...PLEASE! Also, golf tips for body rotation and wrist hinge

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Click here to listen. Although Nike is still standing behind Michelle Wie even after her horrendous showing at the Samsung World Championship, her agent, Greg Nared, has parted company with both Wie and the William Morris Agency. It is understood… more »

Michelle Wie still a child on her 18th birthday

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In most parts of the world, Michelle Wie is now considered an adult. In South Korea, however, Michelle will legally be considered an adolescent until she turns nineteen. Maybe that explains some recent instances of her irresponsible, childlike behavio… more »

Natalie Gulbis outmaneuvered by Michelle Wie, the importance of the impact zone and the divot

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Click here to listen. Michelle Wie has finally slipped below the top-fifty golfers on the official Rolex Rankings. Obviously, Samsung World Championship officials have not had the opportunity to view the latest rankings because, if they had done… more »

Mike Weir proves Tiger Woods is human and how to save your own round from going downhill

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Click here to listen. Tiger Woods scrambled to keep pace in his Presidents Cup singles match against Mike Weir, that is a given. Not many can make a comeback as Woods did on Sunday, rebounding from a three-hole deficit halfway through the match bu… more »