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Comment from: Andy Brown [Visitor] Email
What is with FedEx Cup points leaders and wanting to drop out of the next event. Tiger Woods did it at the Barclays Championship and now Phil wants to do it. While Tiger's decision resulted in making the fight on the top of the leaderboard a little more interesting surely the Tour officials must be concerned that these guys are choosing to skip the event that they had trumped up as the real big events and even called it the "playoffs". That term is more hype and drama than anything concrete. All that they are doing is reducing the field after each event. Perhaps a little more spice could have been added and by this I don't mean a monday finish which by the looks of it resulted in a bit of a problem for those having to compromise on their golf viewing due to the labour Day Telethon.

As for Michelle Wie... I think sooner or later her exemptions will run out and she will fade away if she doesnt manage to get her act together. She needs to bring in her A game to ensure that she keeps her image. She is looked upon as an idol especially in parts of Asia where she is a role model for many youngsters
2007-09-04 @ 16:16
Comment from: InTheBunker [Visitor] Email
Can you guys post anything without relying on Wie for attention?
2007-09-04 @ 18:01
Comment from: Stacy [Visitor] Email
Samsung World Championships: Will six-time winner Annika Sorenstam not be invited to make room for Michelle Wie?

Another argument for publicity trumping merit...


Waggleroom made a suggestion. "Issue a simple statement, thank Samsung and fans for their support, but say 'I'm just not playing well enough at this time to take a spot in this elite field that could go to someone who is much more deserving than me.'"

Think Team Wie should do it?
2007-09-05 @ 19:15
Comment from: Alex [Visitor] Email

The subject of Bubbles getting a sponsor's exemption to the Samsung has been kicked around on these boards several times.

Annika isn't the only proven winner who probably won't be teeing it up at that exclusive 20-player event.

Karrie Webb, winner of 34 LPGA tournaments including seven majors is close to being on the bubble, but still hasn't qualified.

Sherri Steinhauer, eught LPGA wins including two majors, and winner just last week at Springfield isn't yet in the top twenty money winners.

And Meaghan Francella, a winner on the LPGA tour in 2007 will also be hardpressed to make the field.

Meanwhile, Bubbles with no wins in her career and a solo 84th and a T69th to show for her 2007 campaign has been invited since the middle of May.
2007-09-05 @ 19:31
Comment from: JR [Visitor] Email
This is just not right!!! Does anyone have the email address for Samsung to send complaints concerning possible travesty??? If Annika doesn't get in and MW does, that will forever close the book on MW... I don't care what she does in the future.
2007-09-05 @ 21:37
Comment from: Alex [Visitor] Email

I very much doubt that a true sportswoman like Annika would accept a sponsor's eemption to the Samsung if it meant that a more deserving golfer would be denied a spot.

As for Bubbles and her team, we'll have to wait and see if they have the class to graciously decline the invitation. With their track record it's doubtful.

This travesty should prod the LPGA to refuse to put their imprimatur on a 20-player event that allows even one sponsor's exemption.
2007-09-06 @ 07:47
Comment from: francois [Visitor] Email
Based on what I read, Annika already qualified, and so did Francella. The tournament is not just for the top 30.
2007-09-06 @ 08:43
Comment from: francois [Visitor] Email
Click on the link using the word "qualifiers" above...
2007-09-06 @ 08:45
Comment from: Alex [Visitor] Email

Are you sure that you're not referring to the ADT (Top 30) and not the Samsung (20-player field)?
2007-09-06 @ 09:07
Comment from: francois [Visitor] Email

I am referring to the 2008 HSBC Women's Champions event which is what the article talks about...

Just click on the links provided and that tells you who the qualifiers are. Also click on "offering her an exemption."

I guess Stacy was talking about a different tournament -- my bad...
2007-09-06 @ 09:51
Comment from: francois [Visitor] Email

Yes, you are correct. Although the article talks about he HSBC, Stacy was talking about a different tournament. Typing too fast...again!

Yes, it will be interesting if Annika does not qualify! My guess is that she will not accept an exemption and bump someone who earned the spot. Michelle on the other hand...well that is a different story... Of course, unless the negative publicity is so big that even she cannot handle it... If Team Wie declines, it will not be to "do the right thing," but because of the outrage...
2007-09-06 @ 10:04

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