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Comment from: Alex [Visitor] Email
The news article in the Star-Bulletin says that Bubbles suffered her wrist injury while visiting Stanford last month. Previously, her publicist said that she feel down while running at a beach park on Oahu.

In any event, six weeks have passed since this "injury." Six weeks was the maximum time given for healing in the original propnosis. That seems like more than enough time to heal a sprain. Published author Jennifer Mario and others have opined that it wasn't even a sprain. Come on, already. She wasn't run over by a Greyhound bus.
2007-03-19 @ 13:24
Comment from: Martin [Visitor] Email
If she just got her cast off, then she would need to check out where her game is at. Does a pro get their game back straight away after taking off a cast?

Surely a player would have to do a good bit of practice after an injury before playing tournaments.
2007-03-19 @ 15:24
Comment from: John D [Visitor]
It is a refreshing change of pace....Tigger not winning and Wie-Wee being put where she belongs.
2007-03-19 @ 19:34
Comment from: Stacy Solomon [Member]

We have mentioned the new Rolex Rankings system on several occasions.

And, it seems odd that she should be in the top-five without having played in an event in 2007!
2007-03-20 @ 09:42
Comment from: Jim C [Visitor] Email

You are essentially correct. Last year at this time she was just over 10 per tournament and this year she is just under--and this year she has the disadvantage of no events in the last 3 months which get more points. But to be technically precise, if the original raknings were still used she would be unranked entirely with less than the minimum of 15 events needed to be ranked.
2007-03-20 @ 10:17
Comment from: Stanley [Visitor] Email
Please don't get me wrong. I agree with the changes made to the system. The 15 event minimum divisor was ridiculous.

However it does mean that anyone with few events doesn't get a proper representation of their ranking.

In those rankings, she had played 14 events, with the minimum divisor of 35, it takes her 14 events into accounts and pretends that she missed the cut in a further 21 events.

Obviously that leads to an artificially low ranking. However I still agree with it, because the 15 divisor was too low, and it's better to rank players who don't play much artificially low than atificially high.

It is also interesting that it took Morgan Pressel 33 events to pass the amount of points that Michelle had obtained in 14 events.
2007-03-20 @ 10:20
Comment from: Stacy [Visitor] Email
I agree about Pressel. ;-)
2007-03-20 @ 11:08
Comment from: Wunderkind [Visitor] Email
I suppose the visitor count has gone down huh? Is that why you drag up Wie to try to get more hits?
2007-03-20 @ 15:29
Comment from: Stacy [Visitor] Email
If you can't contribute to the conversation, Wunderkind, then please don't waste everyone's time.

But, thanks for listening. Hope to hear from you soon with more stimulating commentary.
2007-03-20 @ 16:38
Comment from: Alex [Visitor] Email

You know, my friend, I've been taking notice of your post for some time now.

It is more than apparent that you are the quintessential Brit, always ready to hedge your position, forever prepared to obfuscate.

I thought for quite a while that you brought to mind some famous person in Britissh history.

Was your Fabian rhetoric to be attributed to your namesake, Stanley Baldwin, a true Brit if there ever was one? No, Baldwin was much too definite in his views.

Then it finally occurred to me just who you were desperately trying to emulate.
With your penchant for concession, sycophancy, and appeasement, you had to be the reincarnation of Neville Chamberlain.
2007-03-20 @ 17:56
Comment from: Stanley [Visitor] Email
I told you before that I am Irish. You then went on to insult the Irish repeatedly. Do you not remember or is your memory failing that badly?

Try to keep with it.
2007-03-20 @ 18:19
Comment from: One-Putt [Visitor] Email
Alex a master craftsman building bridges of understanding across an ocean of ignorance.

Calling an Irishman a Brit after their nearly 500 year occupation by a foreign government is a bit insensitive Old Chap. Maybe we could get you an appointment as our envoy in Belfast.
2007-03-21 @ 05:19
Comment from: Wunderkind [Visitor] Email

I ain't wasting nobody's time. I am just pointing out to the visitors your papparazzi mentality.

Also, for someone who crafts intelligent comments and constantly dazzles us with his reference to lesser known facts/persons/histories. I sometimes find Alex ignorant when it comes to subject beyond the borders of America.
2007-03-21 @ 06:29
Comment from: Alex [Visitor] Email

I'm well aware of the fact that you are a Harp.

I just thought I'd have a little fun and rattle your cage.

It looks as though I succeeded.

But Stanley, I still have to say that somewhere along the line you acquired that British penchant for rationalizing and equivocation.

You have my sincere apology. You are definitely not a John Bull.

You are Paddy are proud of it.
2007-03-21 @ 08:02
Comment from: Alex [Visitor] Email

It is most gratifying to me that you are constantly dazzled by my intelligent comments

It is an avocation of mine, perhaps even a duty, to attempt to educate those who need it
2007-03-21 @ 08:42
Comment from: Stanley [Visitor] Email
Nice attempt at trying to save face. You shouldn' t be ashamed of being a little forgettful, you have hinted at your maturing years a number of times, and unfortunately forgetfulness can be a sympthom of that.

Nice attempt at saving face though.
2007-03-21 @ 09:49
Comment from: Judge Smails [Visitor] Email

I don't think you could be mistaken for a Brit. You have a quintessentially Irish persona.
2007-03-25 @ 13:47
Comment from: Alex [Visitor] Email

As they used to say in Little Egypt, the area around Cairo, Illinois, "If that Stanley ain't a Harp, there ain't a cow in Texas."
2007-03-25 @ 18:46
Comment from: Judge Smails [Visitor] Email
2007-03-26 @ 13:24
Comment from: bad joke [Visitor]

Maybe the Wie's are smarter than we give them credit for.

Let's say they found a loophole in their endorsment contracts.

...Michelle gets "injured"...

...oh, something "soft-tissue", something hard to pinpoint...

...she cruises through the year eating bon bons and watching Desparate Housewives...

...Puts on a few kilos...

...makes a few publicity appearances for her sponsors...

...take on the persona of a champion in the face of adversity...

...cashes in the checks.

simple. effective. genius.

Let's face it, she gettin paid a whole lotta money for doing nothing right now.
2007-03-26 @ 14:30
Comment from: Alex [Visitor] Email
bad joke,

I wouldn't say that Bubbles, BJ, Bo, and her agents and entourage are smart, exactly

More like crafty, cunning, greedy, grasping, and avaricious.

And they've got more nerve than either a burglar or the guy that ate the first oyster
2007-03-26 @ 16:34
Comment from: bad joke [Visitor]
lol :)
2007-03-26 @ 20:36
Comment from: Matthew [Visitor] Email
Bad Joke,
Michelle is alledgedly training and that's just as well. Judge Smails is in love with her butt, which is sort of peculiar, because Creamer has the best butt in womens golf, but anyway if Wie ate lots of Bon Bons she might get a butt like Creamer has.
2007-03-28 @ 17:54
Comment from: Stacy [Visitor] Email
I don't think "Desperate Housewives" is Wie's type of T.V. show.

American Idol and the Disney Channel, perhaps "Hannah Montana".
2007-03-29 @ 09:31
Comment from: Bad Joke [Visitor] Email
2007-03-30 @ 02:55

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