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Comment from: Tommy L. [Visitor] Email
Hi, have you done the review for the Divot-Rite product yet? Looks interesting. I've been trying to avoid hitting fat for some time now. Before, this was not the case. It's like a disease now. Keeps getting on my nerve.

Tommy L.
2007-03-04 @ 23:41
Comment from: Barry [Visitor] Email

We did the Divot-Rite review on this week's podcast...click above.

We found that with practice, Divot-Rite will teach you to drop the golf club and trap the ball so you won't hit it fat. But, as with any training aid, you have to practice with it regularly.

Hitting fat is almost always the result of trying to sweep or lift the ball off the turf instead of hitting down on the ball and trapping it. Start with small quarter and half-swings and then extend your swing as you start making better ball contact.
2007-03-05 @ 16:38
Comment from: Tommy L. [Visitor] Email
Hi Barry,

Thanks for the tips. It's true that there's no magic pill and like everything else, practice makes perfect.

Will consider this product. Hitting fat is so not cool.

Tommy L.
2007-04-22 @ 07:54

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