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Comment from: Mr. Wonderful [Visitor] Email
No wonder no comments to the moment...

Why answer ignorance?

Tiger is probably the single best short putter in the world... compared constantly to Jack...

How many Green jackets do you have? More realistically, when did either of you pictured ever break 100?

Ignorance article...
2007-02-26 @ 11:36
Comment from: Stacy [Visitor] Email
In answer to your question, Mr. Wonderful (?), I play golf regularly in the 80's and Barry usually breaks 80.

And green is not my favorite color so I don't have any jackets of that color in my wardrobe!
2007-02-26 @ 12:01
Comment from: Mr. Wonderful [Visitor] Email
So therefore two people who have handicaps of say 8 to 12 or so consider yourselves experts on the game, enough so to give advice on the game, especially to those who are "beginners".

Wonder why the exit rate is still as high as the enter rate in the game? Because of beginners being sold on the advice of slightly better than average people who consider themselves "players of the game". Suggest you work on your games a little more, learn about the mechanics of the game and quit trying to make a dollar crusifying probably the greatest we will ever see in our lifetime...

Until you have your PGA or LPGA cards or get good enough to qualify for some tour othen playing in a bought in pro-am, stick to reporting on golf bags...

The reason newcomer retention in the game is due to the fact people are to cheap to take quality instruction. They buy game improvement equipment and eventually buy into the theory even though they can't play the game, but feel they are qualified to give their 2 cents...

When you dominate the game, then you are entitled to your opinion...

P.S....I've got 23 years in the golf business as a club professional. I enjoy being a club professional but deal with experts daily. I played on the old Nike Tour, and play wise, have shot slightly lower than your best ball in my lifetime... I have the game to back my words....

Learn what the game is all about before considering yourself experts... When Mr. Woods wins a couple of majors this year, find fault in it and put in in print... Better yet, go out back and play some badminton, and write about that...


2007-02-26 @ 22:06
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]
Mr Wonderful,

These are your words:

"When you dominate the game, then you are entitled to your opinion.."

Since , by your posts, you have some very strong opinions, I must assume that you dominate the game.

What game do you dominate?
2007-02-27 @ 10:02
Comment from: Barry [Visitor] Email
Mr. Wonderful,

First, take a deep breath and re-read what we wrote, and then what you wrote.

Good...Now let me answer your gibberish...

We never, or would ever, put down Tiger Woods or his golf ability in any way, shape or form. We simply pointed out what he himself admitted, and that was rushing through his pre-putt routine.

Our first piece of advice to our listeners is to interview and find a good teaching pro before they even pick up a golf club.

Unfortunately, many teaching pros educate at a level that most beginners become quickly frustrated with. What we try to do is take these lessons and break them down into an easily digestible form for beginners.

We do this not to make "big money", which we don't. We do this for the love of the game. Unfortunately, attitudes like yours are probably the biggest reason for the lack of retention of new golfers.

To be a PGA teaching pro, you must be able to score in the mid to low 80's. A long way from qualifying on any tour.

I believe your anger stems from the old cliche,
"Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach."

By the way, if you have any dazed and confused students, send them our way.

Thanks for listening. We appreciate your comments.
2007-02-27 @ 16:27

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