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Comment from: Randy Hebert [Visitor] Email
I'm staying out of the great Wie debate. I just want to say I am glad Lorena
Ochoa is finally getting her due recognition. She has improved all 4 years she
has been on tour. This has been a really great season for her. 5 wins, 18
top 10's in 23 starts with 16 of those being top 5's. Over 2.3 million in earnings ds
with two tourneys to go. A very nice season indeed. A lot of these young players
say they are going to be number one. It takes more than talk. Lorena has put
in the hard work, gained confidence over her early failures, and has emerged as
the main threat to Annika. And every interview she comes across as a nice and
humble person. Some of these cocky young ones could learn from that.
2006-10-17 @ 17:38
Comment from: Stacy [Visitor] Email
I agree Randy, that Lorena shows moxie on the golf course and a real sincerity in her comments. I like the way that she pulled herself out of anonymity and into the ranks of the great players.

All action and less talk works well for her.
2006-10-17 @ 18:02
Comment from: Jim C [Visitor] Email
Around the begininng of the year, Lorena talked about dethroning Annika.
Just because there was less press coverage in the US of what Lorena had
to say, doesn't mean she was talking less than other players.
2006-10-17 @ 19:33
Comment from: Lorena Fan [Visitor] Email

You are pethetic. Wie was a non-issue at the Samsung event, yet you are
just fueling the hype.

She was in 17th place of 20 players.
Why couldn't you just write a story about Lorena.

Because you are part of the Wie machine.

Wiemania will strive, not because of her fans, but because of people
like you, who make her an issue in tournaments in which she was not an issue.

Lorena has worked really hard to get where she is.
Yet all you do is make it about, oh isn't she much better than Wie.
Why can't you just compliment Lorena, without trying to demean other players.

If Wie weren't in the event, you probably wouldn't have even known that
Lorena was in it. You just mentioned Lorena winning as an excuse to attack
Wie. I would much rather if bloggers actually congratulated Lorena instead
of just using her to launch personal attacks on other players.

Lorena is a very fine player and should be congratulated in her own right.
Take your silly juvenile games to demean other players back to the
schoolyard where they belong.
2006-10-17 @ 20:57
Comment from: Halster [Visitor] Email
It's embarrassing that we Hawaii residents have to hear Michelle Wie's take on her recent performances:

"She (Juli Inkster) is awesome. She just grinds it out there. The ball somehow finds the hole and everything. You know, looking at my game and Juli's game today, there is very little difference. Some of her putts went in and some of mine didn't, but I think that's what golf is. Sometimes you can shoot really low. Sometimes you can shoot absolutely good. It's a really small difference. I feel like I'm getting better and better".

"Well, I felt like I was very close to, very close to playing really well this week. I mean it's just a matter it is so thin from playing the best and playing like this."

"You know, I didn't feel comfortable with my tee shots. But, you know, now I definitely know else to work on. My irons felt good and my putting felt good and, you know, I just feel like it's getting better and better. Sometimes you have to take a step back to get better."

"Yes, I think so. I came out and hit it right. I hit a lot of 3 woods today which saved me a lot of strokes today back in the fairway. And I just felt like it's getting better and better."

"Yes, I mean, I'm working on a lot of things. The last couple of weeks I was a little uncomfortable with my tee shots. But I know what to work on. I feel like it's just getting better and better because my putting is better. I feel like since playing in the 84 Lumber, it feels like my putting is like day and night. I mean, it's a lot better."

"My iron shots is a lot better. But sometimes it feels like you have to take a step back in order to move forward."

"I'm not playing my 'A' game,'' Wie said. "I'm really grinding out there.''
"It was a really hard three days, a day in the bushes and the trees, but I think I'm having fun,'' Wie said. "It's interesting. Golf is a messed-up game.''

If Nike is putting words into Wiesal's mouth about how realistic she has a chance against the men in the PGA, can they at least have her stop repeating "better and better", "I mean" and "You know". It's why they don't allow unprepared teenagers into adult events, so don't go there with "she's only 17".

What we do know is that she's delusional and she insults the Hawaii residents who support her.

Honolulu, Hawaii
2006-10-18 @ 00:46
Comment from: Luke [Visitor] Email
I can't believe how childish you guys are!

Look at the result of the whole year. How many top 5 finishes Wei has? How
many other LPGA players did that?

Many great players (man or woman) have "slumps" and finishes in the back of
the pack sometimes. I can think of Vijay Singh, for example. Does that mean Vijay is
not a great player?

How long did Tiger take before he won in pro tour? Was he a great player before that?

I think you are just jealous that she got millions $$.

Eat your heart out!
2006-10-18 @ 02:18
Comment from: JR [Visitor] Email
You WieFans sure have changed your tune. The current flow of "give her time,
be patient, wait and see......" is a FAR cry from what was being spouted just a few months
ago... "she's the best golfer in the country, she's better than Tiger Woods,
since she hits the ball SO MUCH FARTHER and is so much better than all the
other players on the LPGA, she is going to dominate those events, etc.." Well,
if you guys keep those ridiculous statements out of these blogs, maybe some
more of us can enjoy her play a little.

2006-10-18 @ 06:53
Comment from: Stacy [Visitor] Email
Lorena fan, it is my objective to fuel the hype and you spelled pathetic wrong!

If you bothered to read any of my earlier blogs, I have consistently stated that
Ochoa is one of the best golfers on the LPGA tour this year,
without even mentioning Wie in the same sentence!

2006-10-18 @ 11:33
Comment from: Dino [Visitor] Email
"Wait three or four years."

You don't become a professional golfer and wait three years. You become a
professional because you are ready to compete against the best there is.
There is no questions Michelle can play on the LPGA tour, but playing against
the men is something, in my opinion, his hurting not helping her game. You
play to win, not to make cuts. I wish Michelle would say that.
2006-10-18 @ 12:10
Comment from: Seve [Visitor] Email
Is it possible to be a has been, before you ever were?

Luke--To answer your question Tiger won in his 3rd start as a professional and won once more in his rookie season. Comparing Michelle to Tiger, Vijay or anybody else who has an established career is insulting, why because they are proven winners, unlike Michelle. How do we know what Michelle is currently going through is actually a slump, maybe her solid play at the beginning of the year was the fluke and what you are seeing now is more indicative of her actual skill level. That's the thing about Michelle, she has never won anything of note, so we don't really know where she stands in the game of golf. We know despite what you may have heard, she does not possess a transcendent game, she can not compete with the men and she will be lucky to win consistently on the LPGA tour.

I agree with JR--The once arrogant Wie fans, who confidently predicted world dominace, and mocked anyone who dared doubt Michelle, have noew adopted a let's just wait and see approach. Cries of Michelle Wie will win multiple LPGA majors and makes numerous cuts and even contend on the PGA Tour have been replaced by whimpers of give her a few more years and she's just going through a little slump right now.

I thought I might take this moment to remind the Wie Nuts what the climate was like when Michelle burst on the scene as a 13 year-old.

"Wie is driving her way straight through golf's formidable gender barriers. She has the talent: Her game has both power and finesse, and ger tenacity is Tiger-like." Time Magazine

"I don't know if he will ever a woman hit it this far with such effortless action. Ever." Golf World

When asked if the LPGA was good enough for her, Michelle responded, "I get bored easily. I like and need a challenge."

"If I ever get bored with golf I'm going to start over and play left handed." Michelle Wie, when asked what she might do if she has won multiple majors and has dominated the LPGA tour by the time she is 16

"You watch her against other women, the shots that she has, it's no contest." Jimmie Johnson (Nick Price's former caddy)

"Give her another couple of years to get stronger, and she can play on the PGA tour." Ernie Els, three years ago. Whoops!

"When you see her hit a golf ball--There is nothing that prepares you for it. It's just the scariest thing you've ever seen." Fred Couples, Fred was actually right about this one--Scary if you are a fan positioned somewhere near the woods.

We were force fed stories about her incredible driving distance, Golf Digest wrote an article when she was 13 detailing her hitting it 359 with her father in a casual round, numerous writers called her the future of the game, not hjust the women's game, but the men's game as well. I take no pleasure in the fgailings of a young girl, but I am a strong believer in earning your stripes and substance over style. I for one am glad that there are those on this site willing to stand up against the Wie marketing machine and question the hype and actually demand results.
2006-10-18 @ 12:13
Comment from: Luke [Visitor]
> "Give her another couple of years to get stronger, and she can play on the PGA tour." Ernie Els, three years ago. Whoops!

Ernie Els is one of the best golfers and many believe he has the smoothiest golf swing. He
is also a great person for helping out Tiger and Michelle. If Ernie believes in her, who am I to argue?

But must we choose camps? I love to watch Michelle play. I also love to watch Lorena..

2006-10-18 @ 12:28
Comment from: JR [Visitor] Email
As for Ernie's encouragement.... what else do you say about a young girl? You
give them encouragement. The problem was, if you didn't provide the proper
encouragement, you would be branded "meanie".
2006-10-18 @ 12:57
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]
JR, Several PGA pros have said that neither Bubbles nor any female belongs in a PGA event. Vijay Singh, Stuart Appleby, Robert Allenby, and Brad Faxon come readily to mind. But the Wie Warriors never quote these players. They prefer to quote over and over the politically correct exagerration on Ernie Els who was just trying to be a gentleman. At the Memorial last June I chatted with two touring pros (in a watering hole) about this very thing. On the condition of anonimity, they both agreed that Bubbles could never qualify for the PGA tour. I agreed to keep them anonymous, although one wanted his hometown of Horseheads, NY mentioned in a blog.
2006-10-18 @ 17:31
Comment from: JR [Visitor] Email
Alex.... exactly. During the John Deere when MW's very slow play was mentioned
by one of her playing partners, the media and WieFans took him to task for it.
"How dare you criticize her, she's only 16... you monster!!!" or words to that effect.
2006-10-18 @ 18:38
Comment from: JR [Visitor] Email
Hey... when is Jennifer Mario going to post another article??? Her last one went over
so well.
2006-10-18 @ 18:40
Comment from: Frasier [Visitor] Email
This is blog is the most brilliant illustration of Us and Them psychology I have ever read. If you aren't one of "us" - those people who wish to verbally attack a sports figure, then you are one of "them" - those people who dare have have an opinion different to your own.

Wie was over hyped, no doubt about it. She's a good player, in my view. Maybe some don't agree with that. And that's fair enough; I appreciate other people have different opinion, a concept alien to some of you. What I can't understand is why all this venom is necessary. And the end of the day, you know what we're talking about, right? We're talking about a professional sports star. Why people have to get so pent up about this is beyond my understanding. It's not that important at the end of the day. I like watching golf. I don't care too much who wins. As long as it's fun. Maybe people disagree; but why all the venom? Why all the pointless ad hominem attacks? Why can't we all discuss this like adults, rather than petty fights normally reserved for children?
2006-10-18 @ 19:54
Comment from: Lorena Fan [Visitor] Email
You are right.

There is an anti-Wie element and they think anyone who is in any way
supportive of her is wrong to do that.

As a fan of Lorena Ochoa, it would be very annoying if some nutcases came
along and started insulting all of Lorena's fans in that way.

It is really amazing that some people get off on insulting a kid who plays

While some may cheer for Lorena to win a tournament ahead of Wie,
it would be nice to think that Lorena's fans would be respectful of Wie.

With the anti-Wie element, they just cheer anyone against her.
It would be very embarrassing to be at a tournament cheering on Lorena
and have those idiots also cheering Lorena, just because they were hoping
that she might beat Wie in winning.
2006-10-18 @ 21:06
Comment from: Lorena Fan [Visitor] Email

In pointing out that I spelled pathetic wrong, you are showing that you have
no way of backing up your argument.
Just pick at a mis-spelling because you are completely wrong in your blog,
and want to distract attention away from that.

By the way, most Lorena fans would be ashamed if you tried to jump on
her bandwagon.
Basically she is winning, so you just jump on her bandwagon, if someone
else was winning, you would jump on their bandwagon also, just as long
as it wasn't Wie that is.

You are not wanted among Lorena fans. True Lorena fans support Lorena,
but we are also respectful of other players as well.
2006-10-18 @ 21:11
Comment from: Alex [Visitor]
The only venom I see being spewed comes from the Wie-wee's. How about some of the venom spewed by Lorena Fan? Nutcases, idiots. My criticism is not so much of Bubbles, but of the fanaticism of her devotees.
2006-10-19 @ 07:19
Comment from: Stacy [Visitor] Email
Sniff...Lorena fan doesn't want me to be a fan of Ochoa's...too bad.

I have been writing about Lorena for two years already and don't have any
plans of stopping.

As far as respect goes, it looks to me (Lorena Fan) as if you are the only
disrespectful commenter on this blog site.
2006-10-19 @ 15:55
Comment from: Lorena Fan [Visitor] Email
So Alex has turned his attacks on Lorena Ochoa's fans as well.

Alex, I cheer for Lorena Ochoa in tournaments.
She is the best female player in golf. She has earned this through hard work.

People like you and Stacy would do well to cheer for a player like Lorena,
and enjoy her successes, instead of following another golfer's progress,
cheering for her every missed putt, jumping up in excitement if she slips
down a leaderboard. You must really be very empty inside to get joy from
the things that you get joy from.
2006-10-20 @ 14:43
Comment from: Lorena Fan [Visitor] Email
You wrote a stupid blog recently insulting the Korean nation. Luckily another
blogger put you in your place. You are the disresptful one and lack any class.
2006-10-20 @ 14:45
Comment from: JR [Visitor] Email
Lorena Fan... have you been to Korea????
2006-10-20 @ 16:41
Comment from: Stacy [Visitor] Email
Lorena Fan only knows how to put others down...calling me stupid and disrespectful (another error in spelling) will not make anyone think more of you. It just shows that you don't know how to comment like an adult.

As far as "insulting the Korean nation" I think you ought to re-read the blog. And the person who "put me in my place" made some very disparaging remarks about Asians...not I.
2006-10-21 @ 15:28
Comment from: Mohamed [Visitor] Email
Wie has won another honor - she is probably the most scrutinized 17 years old
in history. The combination of her unique circumstances give her the ability to turn typically caring and nurturing grown-ups into anti-youth-achievement fanatics.
2006-10-24 @ 08:12

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