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Comment from: Oliver Sudden [Visitor]
When people watch professional sporting events they want to see the best. Not the best female, not the best player over 50, not the best whatever. This is why football leagues other than the NFL have a tough time, why baseball that is not major league is ignored, and the same with basketball, hockey, etc. It follows that, in the long run, you are in trouble if what you are trying to sell is not the best. The biggest mistake the LPGA can make is making statements like "our players are elite athletes and we expect them to be treated as such" which Bivens said recently. What the LPGA should do is be real nice to sponsors, make no demands, and just hope they can keep what they have. Trying to grow the tour is folly and will lead to disaster, and the same goes for the Champions tour. Specific problems the LPGA has are Michelle Wie playing against men highlighting the huge difference in skill level between men and women, Sorenstam making no effort to try and look halfway attractive, and the Asian problem. Also, as Ben Wright said and got canned for, it really doesn't help when players feel the need to declare their sexual preference. It is foolish when you are in the entertainment business.
2006-09-12 @ 21:57
Comment from: Stacy [Visitor]
Well said, Oliver. People want to see the best. But elitest? That's like slamming a door to the rest of the world.

Bivens should not only be nice to sponsors but to anyone who even wishes to cover LPGA events and give it good press. But, as I stated in another article, sometimes even bad press is better than none at all.
2006-09-13 @ 09:00
Comment from: Asians [Visitor]
Comment from: Oliver Sudden [Visitor]
"Specific problems the LPGA has are Michelle Wie playing against men highlighting the huge difference in skill level between men and women, Sorenstam making no effort to try and look halfway attractive, and the Asian problem."

What Asian problem are you talking about? Just because they are kicking butts and you can't handle it...you're calling it a problem.....Get a clue....Asians will rule the world....hahahahahahahahahah
2006-09-14 @ 01:06
Comment from: Stacy [Visitor]
At the publinks I really like to play golf with Asian golfers.


1. Always courteous and polite.
2. Don't talk much about nonsense...stay in their games.
3. Try to get a game going amongst the people in their group. Cheering on good shots and grumbling at bad ones.
4. They know basic etiquette. They follow the rules (for the most part). Shake hands before and after a match.

I wish more people out on the course followed the above basics.
2006-09-14 @ 09:34
Comment from: Wie-ger [Visitor]
Asian problem? They brought bird flu to LPGA? or because Toyota sells more car than the Big 3? Are we supposed to boycott Walmart because almost 100% of ther merchandise are made in China.

What is next? perhaps LPGA also have Mexican problem and Gay, Old, Fat & Ugly problem.

I get it, I think women golf shoule be judged like figure skating where attractiveness and artistic merit can win you the top price.
2006-09-14 @ 09:38
Comment from: Oliver Sudden [Visitor]
I enjoy watching the Asians playing very well too. I like Asians. My point was that they are so dominant that some American viewers might get disgusted that our players are not doing better. I agree they shouldn't but that could be the reality.
2006-09-14 @ 12:54
Comment from: Stacy [Visitor]
I wish that the Americans would get busy already. Cristie Kerr seems to be the only one showing any spark this season.

You know what really gets my goat? Most of the foreign players go to school here and play on our college teams but when it's time for a tournament, they play for their homeland.

We give out the golf education and their country reaps the rewards.
2006-09-14 @ 14:07
Comment from: Wie-ger [Visitor]
You know what bugs me? We accept these foreigners when we want them to clean our hotels, work in our slaugtherhouses, and pick our vegetables - because none of us want to take those minimum-waged jobs, but we also do not want to pay too much for our hotels and food. Oh yeah, we also accept them when we send tonnes of them to fight for us in the Middle East - as a matter of fact, we rush to accerelate their applications.

But when they are taking high-paying jobs, we bitch about them.

BTW, isn't Wie an American? She is the highest profile golfer after Tiger Woods.
2006-09-15 @ 15:04
Comment from: LPGA fan [Visitor]

"Earlier in the season, Ty Votaw insisted on creating a five-year plan for the LPGA."

Uh, that was like FOUR YEARS AGO. Ty Votaw left the PGA last year, you twits. Bivens became the commissioner more than a year ago.

You obviously don't know anything about women's golf, so why do you keep writing about it?

2006-09-15 @ 19:32
Comment from: Stacy [Visitor]
That's why we're always learning.

If you read my title, you would have understood the question. Let me repeat it for you since you obviously are having problems with your comprehension.

I was asking if Carolyn Bivens is implementing the initiatives set up by Votaw. Do you have an answer for it?

BTW, we appreciate your witless comment and hope to hear better from you in the future.
2006-09-15 @ 19:57
Comment from: LPGA fan [Visitor]
Wait, so someone points out your mistakes, and you call them witless? Interesting.

2006-09-15 @ 22:41
Comment from: Stacy [Visitor] Email
No, just your comment.
2006-10-06 @ 15:06
Comment from: Yes [Visitor]
I think the LPGA Commissioner is doing a great job! Purses are up and more to come. Get over all the the press bs.
2006-11-24 @ 01:23
Comment from: nick [Visitor]
2007-12-22 @ 16:44

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